Wives of cult rappers who will give their husbands a head start

26 May 2023

Kendrick Lamar and Whitney Alford

Sometimes the most satisfying connections are ones that take time to form. Kendrick Lamar shares that with his partner Whitney Alford. She has been with him ever since their high school romance started. 

They ultimately welcomed a child into their lives as well. Amazingly, despite his stardom, this rapper has kept his personal life quite low-key. 

Kendrick Lamar and Whitney Alford.jpg?format=webp@Kendrick Lamar & Fiancée Welcome Their 1st Child/ HipHopDX/YouTube.com

Halle Bailey and DDG

It can be quite difficult to maintain a secret love life as a young musician in Hollywood. However, Halle Bailey had been able to do it for a considerable amount of time. Until she was discovered hanging out with DDG. 

The two didn't immediately confirm their relationship even after the initial photographs were made public. They finally did so through social media, and now their followers can't get enough of them. 

Halle Bailey and DDG.jpg?format=webp@Halle Bailey Calls Romance With Rapper DDG "Transformative" | E! News/E! News/YouTube.com

T.I. and Tiny

The people you associate with most when you work in the industry are frequently other employees. When Tameka "Tiny" Cottle first met T.I., she was the more well-known of the two, and this is what transpired. Although there have been many ups and downs for the pair, they ultimately managed to make things work. 

While Tiny is a lovely beauty, T.I. is not an unattractive gentleman. Despite the fact that the two don't first seem to mesh, they have been through so much together that it is obvious they are committed to one another. 

T.I. and Tiny.jpg?format=webp@Inside TI and Tiny's Controversial Marriage | True Celebrity Stories/True Celebrity Stories/YouTube.com

Jay-Z and Beyoncé

The initial reports of Beyoncé and rap icon Jay-romance Z's may have taken some by surprise. But it seems that this combo has remained together and developed into one of the most well-liked groups in the rap and music industry. 

Let's face it: Jay-Z may be an excellent musician and producer as well as a person of average intelligence, but he isn't the most appealing gentleman. But he really shines when he's standing next to his lovely wife!

Jay-Z and Beyoncé.jpg?format=webp@Beyonce and Jay Z still together after over 20 years/Rihanna & Rocky worldwide fans ♥️/YouTube.com

D. Dre and Nicole Young

Some rappers instantly conjure up thoughts of the Hall of Fame when their names are mentioned. Dr. Dre is maybe one of the biggest stars to come from that era, even though many of these are from the 1980s and the early 1990s. 

In 1996, Dr. Dre and Nicole Young became soulmates. They have been married for fifteen years and have several kids together. But when you compare them, it becomes clear that this gorgeous woman might be a little out of his league. 

Dre and Nicole Young.jpg?format=webp@Dr. Dre's Estranged Wife Nicole Young Accuses Rapper Of 'Long-Term Abuse'/Access Hollywood/YouTube.com

Shante Broadus and Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is a legendary rapper who is almost certainly on your playlist no matter what style of rap you enjoy. Even if he is gifted, extremely intelligent, and business savvy, he is not the most attractive man. 

So, you might be perplexed as to how he won Shante's favor when you see her gorgeous, beaming face. The story is unknown to us, but one thing is certain: these two are ride or die; they have gone through a lot and are still going strong. 

Shante Broadus and Snoop Dogg  (1).jpg?format=webp@What Nobody Ever Told You About Snoop Dogg's Wife/Nicki Swift/YouTube.com

Sherlita Patton and Big Boi

Big Boi has unquestionably established a career for himself, beginning as a member of the rap duo Outkast. He continued to build his solo career when the band broke up. He married a lovely woman he met while pursuing his job after falling in love with her. 

The rapper is not shy about showcasing Sherlita Patton's stunning beauty. Although we're sure at least one or two people will watch and marvel how he was able to win her heart when he does. 

Sherlita Patton and Big Boi .jpg?format=webp@We're Not Surprised By Big Boi from Outkast's Divorce - Side Baby/Struggle Love 💔/RRG/YouTube.com

Ja Rule and Aisha Murray

A rapper's relationship with their significant other might occasionally last throughout time. For instance, Ja Rule, who has been dating Aisha Murray since junior high, got married to her. 

For a considerable amount of time, the two have been completely smitten with one another and eventually got married. Despite the fact that she is pretty attractive, it doesn't seem as though she has ever felt at ease. 

Ja Rule and Aisha Murray .jpg?format=webp@Ja Rule and Wife Aisha Talk Marriage, Parenting on Reality TV/Wetpaint/YouTube.com

Paul Wall and Crystal 

There are numerous reality television programs, one of which featured the wives of rappers. When the audience was introduced to Paul Wall, one of the rappers this article featured, they were rather taken aback by what they saw. 

In addition to being stunning, Crystal Wall was also extremely sophisticated and refined. Definitely not the kind of woman that most people would have predicted this rapper would end up with. 

Paul Wall and Crystal .jpg?format=webp@Behind the Scenes of Feel Rich Documentary - A Day with Crystal and Paul Wall/FeelrichTV/YouTube.com

Macklemore and Tricia Davis 

Although Macklemore is a rather attractive man, Tricia Davis is the real beauty. He has a stunning wife who is more than just a gorgeous face; she is a strong businesswoman with a genuine aptitude for management. She takes care of all the behind-the-scenes work while letting her spouse take center stage. 

She oversees all of the marketing, PR, and branding for Macklemore's concerts in addition to serving as his tour manager and utilizing her significant education in this capacity. We adore the fact that these two titans are complete partners in both life and business.

Macklemore and Tricia Davis .jpg?format=webp@Macklemore And Wife Tricia Davis Expecting/TikTok Trouble/YouTube.com

50 Cent and Jamira Haines

Since the season premiere of the rapper's popular television program, Power, in August of that year, 50 Cent and Jamira Haines have been dating. Almost everything has been experienced by them. 

Despite the fact that it doesn't seem like something a big, tough rapper would do, the pair has even made vision boards for one another in the hopes of becoming stronger as a unit.

50 Cent and Jamira Haines.jpg?format=webp@What Happened to 50 Cent’s Girlfriend Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines?/ Top Hollywood celebrities/YouTube.com

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty

It can often take some time to fall in love again. As one of the most well-known female rappers on the planet, Nicki Minaj has had a number of partnerships that have been well publicized. 

But ultimately, she managed to locate Kenneth Petty, who was her high school sweetheart. Knowing one another since they were 14, the pair started dating after a previous breakup and soon after they got married and had children.

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty.jpg?format=webp@Nicki Minaj || GOES OFF on Haters about her HUSBAND/Sota Black/YouTube.com

G Herbo and Taina Williams

No matter how challenging G Herbo's life becomes, it appears that his girlfriend is by his side. Particularly now that they are expecting a kid, the couple prefers to maintain a very private relationship. They have been dating since 2019. They occasionally post on social media to share significant events. 

It seems that the rapper likes to express his love for his partner on social media, which is quite lovely. Many people believe that they are one of the couples to be wary of. 

G Herbo and Taina Williams.jpg?format=webp@G Herbo Styles Taina Williams & Bags Her After Valentine's Dinner! 😍/ 9MagTV/YouTube.com

Ludacris and Eudoxie

Despite not having a classically attractive appearance, Ludacris is an incredibly skilled rapper and actor. You might be a little taken aback, despite that, when you see him with his wife, Eudoxie. 

This stunning young woman, a University of Miami alumna, seems to be in a league of her own among superstars. They obviously don't care what we think of them, though. Bravo for them! 

Ludacris and Eudoxie.jpg?format=webp@Ludacris & Eudoxie Agnan/SuperCouples/YouTube.com

Nazanin Mandi and Miguel 

Nowadays, staying together for so long almost seems weird, especially when it comes to the music business. But Miguel and Nazanin didn't start dating until they were already young adults. They dated for a very long period before getting engaged in 2016 and getting married in 2018. 

However, they admitted to experiencing some marital issues after 17 years of marriage, which led to a brief breakup. However, they recently reconnected and are attempting to resolve all of their issues. 

Nazanin Mandi and Miguel .jpg?format=webp@🚩All the Signs Miguel's Marriage Was DOOMED - Major Red Flags 🚩/RRG/YouTube.com

Kid Ink and Aziah Azante

Over ten years have passed since Kid Ink first started dating Aziah. The two met when they were in high school, like many other well-known rap couples, and since 2004, they have been inseparable. 

They got married in 2016 and have since had a child together. No matter how difficult their lives grow, they persevere as a couple. It's a lovely partnership.

Kid Ink and Aziah Azante.jpg?format=webp@Asiah Collins and Kid Ink Share Love Story/The Real Daytime/YouTube.com

Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin

We can almost guarantee that you watched B.H. Jones' "Love and Hip Hop" if you enjoy both rap music and reality television. Chrissy Lampkin, Jim Jones's girlfriend, is one of the show's leading actors. 
They had been dating for a time, and while they do look well together, he feels a little out of his depth with this lovely woman.

Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin.jpg?format=webp@This Is Why Chrissy & Jim Jones Will NEVER Get Married/RRG/YouTube.com

Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir

By pushing rap music to the fore, Gucci Mane has established his place in the annals of rap music. His wife is equally impressive, but he has amassed a sizable bank account as a result. She took a single concept and made it work for her. 

She is not only strikingly attractive, but she is also a successful businesswoman. In fact, this formidable combination is so stunning that many people are in awe of them. 

Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir.jpg?format=webp@The Real Reason Gucci Mane Fell in Love With Keyshia Ka'oir/RRG/YouTube.com

Papoose and Remy Ma

This pair has an incredible love story because they have been together for a very long time. The rap star and his incredible wife remained together through all of their ups and downs. The two finally appeared together on a reality show. 

Really, that was the moment when everyone began to see that this couple was a bit of an odd couple. After all, Remy Ma is pretty beautiful, but Papoose is only mediocre at best. So it's understandable why he fell in love with her the moment he set eyes on her. 

Papoose and Remy Ma.jpg?format=webp@Remy Ma & Papoose Freestyle on Flex | Freestyle #027/HOT 97/YouTube.com

Chance the Rapper and Kirsten Corley

Sometimes, true love stories surpass their fictionalized counterparts in quality. Therefore, it is very obvious why this relationship works when you listen to the tale of how they met, even if you believe she is way out of this rapper's league when you look at this unusual couple and think to yourself, "She's way out of this rapper's league." 

The two met when they were nine years old at a party because their mothers were acquainted. Chance noticed Kirsten dancing and told her right away that they should get married. Although Chance the Rapper doesn't have a horrible appearance, his wife is undeniably gorgeous, and the couple has produced some exceptionally lovely offspring. 

Chance the Rapper and Kirsten Corley.jpg?format=webp@Chance the Rapper on Raising Socially Conscious Kids | Raising the Future | Parents/Parents/YouTube.com

J. Cole and Melissa Heholt

It does not follow that the couple as a whole enjoys being in the spotlight just because one of them does. Therefore, it's a rather uncommon occurrence when you do see J. Cole and Melissa Heholt out and about together. 

Although she ultimately chose to pursue a different vocation and is now employed as an event designer, the enigmatically beautiful woman also has quite the brains. She earned an MA in childhood education. 

J. Cole and Melissa Heholt.jpg?format=webp@J. Cole Family Video With Wife Melissa Heholt/ Agent Of Star/YouTube.com

Ice T and Coco

There aren't many famous couples in the rap industry. Unsurprisingly, Ice T and his stunning wife Coco are one of those. Long-term partners, the rapper and his model wife. 

Given that she is a Sports Illustrated model, many of us are curious about how Ice T, who is incredibly skilled musically and on television, was able to attract and keep this gorgeous woman. 

Ice T and Coco.jpg?format=webp@Ice T and Coco Bring Baby Chanel to The Tonight Show/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube.com

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai

Romance can occasionally appear out of the blue. In 2018, Jenny Mai, a stylist and host of a celebrity talk show, met Jeezy, a rapper from the South. The two became together right away and married a year later. 

Jeannie Mai is this breathtaking beauty, and Jeezy is just kind of your everyday average joe, so even though they are obviously very happy together, they do make for a bit of an odd couple. 

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai.jpg?format=webp@The Truth on Jeannie Mai and Jeezy/Hollywood Tea Talk/YouTube.com

AKA and Nadia Nakai

Sometimes it's challenging to stop the gossip wheels from moving, especially if you're in the spotlight like popular rapper AKA. It is therefore not unexpected that it didn't take long for people to start associating him with Nadia Nakai after they were spotted on vacation together. 

It took some time for them to publicly announce their relationship, but earlier this year they did so via Instagram. The two haven't confirmed anything, but there have been some ups and downs and speculations that they've split up. In reality, they still refute the rumors. 

AKA and Nadia Nakai.jpg?format=webp@AKA and Nadia Nakai Share Their Love Story on The Insider SA | Official Interview/The Insider SA/YouTube.com

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna

Despite the fact that this pair hasn't been together as long as some of the others on this list, we believe they deserve to be included. Many people have been cheered by the love between these two celebrities, and their combined legions of admirers have shown a lot of support. 

Rumors that Rihanna had dumped her ex-boyfriend began to circulate in the early months of 2020, and soon the rap artist and she were spotted together on a number of red carpets. All the joy in the world is what we wish for them! 

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna.jpg?format=webp@Inside Rihanna and A$AP Rocky LOVE: From Friends to Parents/Entertainment Tonight/YouTube.com

Notorious BIG and Faith Evans

The Notorious BIG was one of those rappers who, despite being taken from us too soon, always appeared to be able to find himself a stunning young woman to be on his arm. That gorgeous young lady was Faith Evans, a fellow musician, for a while. 

Even though many others regarded these two to be a strange couple, it was certainly love at first sight because they got married just eight days after meeting each other, proving that it really was love at first sight for these two! 

Notorious BIG and Faith Evans.jpg?format=webp@Faith Evans Describes The Last Time She Saw The Notorious B.I.G. (AFTER-SHOW)/ TV One TV/YouTube.com

DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck

Currently, DJ Khaled is perhaps one of the most popular rappers and producers in the world. And as he became more well-known throughout the years, we watched as he and his wife, Nicole, walked red carpets and endeared themselves to his followers. 

They have multiple kids together, and they frequently post pictures of their relationship on social media. These two are obviously a perfect match for one another. 

DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck.jpg?format=webp@DJ Khaled wife: Nicole Tuck (Kids, Siblings, Parents)/ LOBEY/YouTube.com

Mustard and Chanel Dijon

Since their 16th birthday, this pair has been together! Finally, Mustard got down on one knee and proposed to Chanel in October 2018. Following a two-year planning period, they were wed in a private ceremony in 2020. 

They ultimately made their way down the aisle, but it certainly wouldn't have taken as long if he had simply asked sooner. It appears like these two intend to stay together forever! 

Mustard and Chanel Dijon.jpg?format=webp@DJ Mustard DIVORCES His Wife After 18 Months of Marriage...AND GUESS WHO IS MAD?/ Oshay Duke Jackson/YouTube.com

Common and Tiffany Haddish

It appears that Common has found a partner who can make him chuckle. Every relationship needs humor, and this rapper has discovered his soul mate in comedian/actress Tiffany Haddish. 

They connected, things became hot, and finally they were one of the hottest couples to watch. They've become such a well-known pair that they were jointly featured in People magazine. 

Common and Tiffany Haddish.jpg?format=webp@So THIS Is What Happened Between Tiffany Haddish & Common — MAJOR Red Flags/RRG/YouTube.com

Lil Durk and India Royale

The pair, who had been dating for a while, got engaged in 2017 and later that year had a child. Even a few songs dedicated to his love were inspired by the connection. That is really cute! 

When it comes to expressing his devotion and passion for India, Lil Durk lacks any restraint. He has frequently discussed how much he owes her on his social media accounts. This rapper knows how to treat a woman like the queen that she is! 

Lil Durk and India Royale.jpg?format=webp@Lil Durk hands his girlfriend India Royale $100k for having his back during the Home invasion 👀/Intel HipHop/YouTube.com

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner

Although Travis Scott entered the music industry in 2009, he didn't become well-known until he launched the blockbuster song "Antidote" in 2015. He was surrounded by a ton of gifted and attractive ladies who were way out of his league as a result of his sudden popularity. 

He currently dates a Kardashian-Jenner family member, who also happens to be one of these women. He's nearly become a tabloid king now! It's strange to see photos of him with Kylie because she doesn't seem to be on the same level as him. 

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner.jpg?format=webp@Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott on Their Parents' Night Out | Met Gala 2018 With Liza Koshy | Vogue/Vogue/YouTube.com

Mr. Papers and Lil Kim

Lil Kim and Mr. Papers have had a rather drama-filled romance. They started dating in 2012, and two years later they gave birth to Royal Reign. Soon later, in 2015, they split. 

Numerous supporters of the two musicians believed their days were numbered after a protracted custody dispute. But in 2020, the two resumed their love after a five-year breakup, and it now appears to be strong.

Offset and Cardi B.jpg?format=webp@Lil Kim Baby Daddy Mr. Papers Airs Out Their Private Issues On Instagram (Footage)/ The Lionel B Show/YouTube.com

Offset and Cardi B

Despite the fact that Cardi B and Offset are both accomplished musicians, we all know who the true star of this union is. Cardi B has unquestionably established herself as one of the top musical talents in the world right now because to her explosive ascent to stardom on social media in the late 2010s. 

Their relationship has been as dramatic, and rumors of infidelity once caused them to break up. But since 2021, they've been formally back (and expecting their second kid together). They appear to be in it for the long term based on their social media accounts. 

Карді бі  і оффсет.jpg?format=webp@New Lyrics for Old People with Offset & Cardi B/Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube.com

Lil Scrappy and Bambi Benson

Even though they were already acquainted, Lil Scrappy and Bambi didn't make their union official until they started shooting the episodes of Love and Hip Hop. Before tying the marriage in 2017, this power couple dated for a while. 

The two have had three children together in the last four years, despite the fact that Scrappy has a kid from a previous marriage, so it appears that their blended family is succeeding. And it appears that they like spending time with all the kids! 

Lil Scrappy and Bambi Benson.jpg?format=webp@#scrappy #lilscrappy on his relationship with #bambi and #relationshipadvice!/ RealLyfe Productions/YouTube.com

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Let's start off by saying that Will Smith is, or at the very least, was, a rapper. Simply revisit the Men in Black soundtrack if you don't believe us. Not to mention his mediocre rapping as the Genie in Disney's live-action Aladdin. 

Jada Pinkett Smith, his wife, has been by his side throughout everything. The two have experienced ups and downs (including briefly divorcing), but after two children and years of marriage, they appear to be just as committed as ever, at least based on the recent Oscars scandal.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.jpg?format=webp@How Jada-Pinkett Smith Is Really Treating Will Smith/Rumoured/YouTube.com

2 Chainz and Kesha Ward

2 Chainz popped the question to Nakesha Ward twice, the second time being on the stairs of the 2018 Met Gala, proving how much he appreciates her. They were married immediately after she said yes. 

But these two have actually been together since 2006, which is a lot longer! They also share three children: Halo, Harmony, and Heaven. These two have nothing but eyes for one another! 

2 Chainz and Nakesha Ward.jpg?format=webp@Kesha "Pea" Ward (2 Chainz' fiance) talks Met Gala and hair with The Cut Life/The Cut Life/YouTube.com

Pusha T and Virginia Williams

Unexpectedly stable partnership between Pusha T and Virginia Williams. The two have been dating since they first connected at an album release party in 2005. Pusha T made the suggestion in 2016, eleven years later. 

Pharrel Williams served as the best man during their wedding, which took place two years later. Celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attended the intimate wedding, which was rather star-studded. The couple's first son was born in 2020.

Pusha T and Virginia Williams.jpg?format=webp@Pusha T and Virginia Williams' Star-Studded Wedding | Brides/Brides/YouTube.com

Professor Green and Karima McAdams

Professor Green, a British rapper and performer also known as Stephen Paul Manderson, has long been a prominent supporter of mental health. And since 2019, his amazing girlfriend Karima McAdams has been at his side wherever he goes. He hasn't been performing that work alone. 

But she is more than just a pretty face. As an actor, model, and artist, Karima has a successful career of her own. Since she was chosen to serve as the inspiration for Lara Croft in the video game series, it is not surprising that she has martial arts training. 

Professor Green and Karima McAdams.jpg?format=webp@Pro Green 'heartbroken' after missing pregnancy appointments/vieiralira/YouTube.com

Quavo and Saweetie

There have been many ups and downs in Quavo and Saweetie's relationship; they even officially split up for a brief period of time in 2021, with Saweetie tweeting that she is single and has "endured too much treachery and suffering behind the scenes." 

However, soon after those tweets, they were spotted spending time together once more. Numerous sources have stated that they are giving their romance another try, even though it appears that they are currently taking things carefully and privately. 

Quavo and Saweetie.jpg?format=webp@Saweetie Asks Quavo 44 Questions | The Couples Quiz | GQ/GQ/YouTube.com

Future and Dess Dior

Rapper Future landed himself a new, stunning woman only a few short months after divorcing from model Lori Harvey, proving that he surely lives up to expectations placed on rappers. Dess Dior, who is also a rapper and well-known online, appears to be Future's final love interest. 

The two announced on their social media sites that their love is as strong as ever, contrary to what many of their fans felt amid allegations of infidelity. We wouldn't be surprised if they eventually get a diamond ring after all the jewel-encrusted presents they've given to one another.

Future and Dess Dior.jpg?format=webp@Dess Dior broke off relationship with Future because he has yet another baby on the way🤦🏽♀️‼️/Bee With The Tea/YouTube.com

Wiz Khalifa and Aimee Aguilar

Although Wiz Khalifa is well known for his musical rap career, he has recently transitioned into acting, and his new girlfriend, Aimee Aguilar, appears to be considering advancing her own career in that field. 

Although they've only been dating for a short while, the rap artist and the Instagram model appear to be having a great time. Many of his supporters, though, may still be rooting for him to reconcile with Winnie Harlow, the supermodel he formerly dated. 

Wiz Khalifa and Aimee Aguilar.jpg?format=webp@Wiz Khalifa and Aimee Aguilar 2023 Darren & Richie's Oscar Party Fashion Arrivals/MaximoTV/YouTube.com

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh

Pharrell Williams has been known to rap quite a bit, even though most people would categorize him as more of an R&B musician. Additionally, he unquestionably deserves to be on our list because his wife is very stunning. 

Before taking a risk and beginning a relationship in 2008, these two were friends who had known one other for years. They later got married and now have four children, including triplets! What a shock it must have been! 

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh.jpg?format=webp@What You DON'T KNOW About Pharrell William's Wife.../ Ballhog/YouTube.com

The Kid Laroi and Katarina Deme

One of the biggest music talents to emerge from Australia in recent memory is The Kid Laroi. 2020 saw the release of his debut track, and he has since shot to fame. His lover Katarina Deme, he maintains, is the reason for all of his success. 

After meeting in the summer of 2020 through mutual acquaintances, the 18-year-old rapper and the Instagram influencer separated for a year while only communicating online. They seem to be quite serious about each other despite the fact that they are both very young.

The Kid Laroi and Katarina Deme.jpg?format=webp@The Kid LAROI and Katarina Deme 2023 G'Day USA Arts Gala Blue Carpet Arrivals/YouTube.com

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Okay, so John Legend isn't exactly a rapper, but we believe that an R&B star of his level deserves to be mentioned anyway. In addition, we adore his bond with his supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen. 

We simply can't help but adore this couple's love story because they are one of the healthiest celebrity couples right now. The couple and their two children appear to be stronger and closer than ever, despite the recent sad times they've experienced due to the loss of their unborn boy. 

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.jpg?format=webp@Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Stop By for a Surprise Visit!/ TheEllenShow/YouTube.com

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko

They had been friends for more than ten years before attempting to develop a deeper relationship. They dated for five years after beginning as purely platonic in 2012, but initially kept things under wraps so they could enjoy their time together. 

Once the two became a couple and there was no turning back, Big Sean eventually posted a few comments on social media in 2018.

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko.jpg?format=webp@Big Sean & Jhene Aiko Are Still a Hot STANKIN' Mess 🚩/RRG/YouTube.com

Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff

Most of us now have a stereotype of rappers as talented lyricists who have trouble keeping relationships that last more than a week. However, many old-school rappers have been able to maintain a romantic relationship for a very long time. 

Ice Cube was a rap pioneer in the 1980s, even if he is now more known as an actor. and for almost all of his professional life, he has been affiliated with Kimberly Woodruff, a gorgeous woman he was fortunate enough to fall in love with.

Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff.jpg?format=webp@Ice Cube: Future wife first turned me down/Graham Bensinger/YouTube.com

LL Cool J and Simone Smith

There is nothing unappealing about LL Cool J. In fact, a lot of women would be delighted to add him to their list of prospective suitors. When you see him with his wife of 15 years, it's still possible to discern that he made a choice that was a little out of his league. 

In addition to being an excellent and loving mother, Simone Smith also has a smart business sense and a terrific sense of style. She is not only very beautiful but also quite educated. 

LL Cool J and Simone Smith.jpg?format=webp@Why LL Cool J's Wife Dislikes the Song "Doin' It" | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey Network/OWN/YouTube.com

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys

In addition to being an excellent and loving mother, Simone Smith is also quite stylish and has a sharp business sense. She is quite intelligent in addition to being very gorgeous. 

Swizz Beatz, a wonderful person in his own way, ultimately succeeded in winning the singer's heart and became her one and only. He's in luck. 

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys.jpg?format=webp@Inside Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz’s Oceanside Mansion | Open Door | Architectural Digest/Architectural Digest/YouTube.com

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox became friends during the making of the movie "Midnight in the Switchgrass." She had recently divorced from her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, and hadn't yet finalized their divorce when rumors of a romance between the rapper and the Hollywood star started to surface. 
Since then, these two have become one of Hollywood's sexiest power couples. Despite spending the last two years on numerous red carpets, they recently got engaged.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.jpg?format=webp@Where MGK and Megan Fox Stand as a Couple (Source)/ Entertainment Tonight/YouTube.com

Wyclef Jean and Marie Claudinette

Once more beautiful couple! Wyclef Jean is an incredibly gifted musician and artist who has seen success in both his solo career and as a member of the legendary group The Fugees. He also had additional social aspirations in addition to his musical ones, and throughout it all, his lovely wife supported him. Marie Claudinette is a stunningly attractive woman with a history of accomplishments. The two do, however, appear to be an unusual couple when they are together.

Wyclef Jean and Marie Claudinette.jpg?format=webp@First Look: Claudinette Jean | Behind Every Man | OWN/ OWN/YouTube.com