This could happen only at the airport

22 May 2023

An airport is always a special place that gathers a diverse range of people for a certain period of time. Here, one can live their own little life or experience a moment that will stay in their memory forever. Airports often witness funny situations, where you can encounter extraordinary individuals and come across unusual discoveries. Moreover, people occasionally transport the most unexpected items, attempting to pass them through security checks.

1. Surprise from a kid 

One can only imagine the shock that the father experienced when he opened his passport at the checkpoint and saw that it was completely colored in. It is unlikely that he was allowed to proceed through the inspection; most likely, he was directed to the embassy to replace his passport. However, he will remember this day forever, as will his children. It is advisable to keep children's documents as far away as possible, especially when traveling.

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2. Plastic bags, really?

The coronavirus is indeed a dangerous disease that requires protection and caution. However, wearing plastic bags on oneself or on children is unnecessary and even hazardous. This method prevents the person from getting sufficient fresh air and, instead of avoiding germs, it only promotes their proliferation. Moreover, this image looks very strange and funny. Perhaps it is better to find a "middle ground" and not go to extremes in such a situation. 

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3. Time well spent

Apparently, this man still has plenty of time before his flight. So, he decided to make good use of his time and engage in his favorite activity - yoga. He even brought his own mat for convenience. He must have been prepared and not doing it for the first time, probably making the most of his waiting time. It's worth taking note: it's beneficial for leisure, time will pass faster, and it will be effective for his health.

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4. Unexpected items

Inspectors at airports often come across unexpected items during baggage checks. Sometimes people try to transport very unusual things, such as skulls. It's unclear why someone would have such a finding at home, perhaps for specific decoration purposes or for sale as unusual artifacts. However, there were likely numerous questions at the security checkpoint. As for the required permits for exporting these skulls, it's highly unlikely they were available.

Unexpected items.jpg?format=webp@5 craziest things Found By Airport Security/THE MAGNUM/

5. Carpet design

Portland residents have a strong affection for their airport, and this is reflected in the merchandise sold in local shops. For instance, one passenger purchased socks featuring the airport's carpet design. It's certainly original, and it's convenient to have a useful item like socks with a distinctive pattern. However, it's not just socks that are sold in this style; you can find various souvenirs as well. So, if you want to mark your visit to Portland, it's worth buying something from a local souvenir shop.

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6. Unusual passenger 

Passengers often bring their beloved pets with them while traveling. These animals quickly adapt and make the most of their time, especially when they find themselves in lounge areas where snacks are provided. This little monkey took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a tasty snack and explore the surroundings. It seems like it's enjoying its time there. Perhaps it's not its first visit, which would explain why it feels quite at home. It looks incredibly cute, and it seems that other passengers don't mind having such a guest around.

Unusual passenger .jpg?format=webp@Weird Sightings At The Airport That Will Make You Laugh/Newsflare/

7. Rest for a true lady 

There's nothing unusual about it; the lady just decided to take a nap while waiting for her flight. Many passengers spend their time this way, catching up on some rest before their flight arrives. But how she managed to fit herself under the armrests is quite a question! If it weren't for that, it would be quite a challenge to move her alone, so she does have a chance to get some sleep. And perhaps she finds that position comfortable if she chose it, or maybe it's not her first time doing so.

Rest for a true lady .jpg?format=webp@23 Crazy Things That Could Only Happen at the Airport II Crazy photos/Awesome Tube/

8. Long-awaited moment

When you're exhausted and eager to expedite the arrival of your flight, it's likely that these were the motivations behind the people who decided to squeeze onto the boarding ramp. It's doubtful that anyone warned them of the potential dangers, but those who don't take risks might miss their plane. It would be interesting to see what would happen if they mistakenly boarded the wrong flight and their plane took off without them. Likewise, it seems that people will do anything to hasten the long-awaited moment.

Long-awaited moment.jpg?format=webp@Crazy Things That Could Only Happen At The Airport/Goofy Goos/

9. Money in croissants

Passengers can sometimes be too clever and resourceful. Some even come up with the idea of hiding a large sum of money in pastries. This method of transporting cash, of course, doesn't occur to everyone. However, deceiving inspectors and their trained dogs is very difficult. They have found money in even more unexpected places. So, next time, if these passengers want to transport cash again, they will have to resort to legal means.

Money in croissants.jpg?format=webp@20 Photos of Crazy Things Found at Airport Security/American Eye/

10. Message for grandmother 

The kids visited Salt Lake City International Airport to greet their grandmother. The children prepared diligently for this meeting and created a vibrant poster to welcome their grandmother after her rehabilitation. They also noted how incredibly proud they are of her. We hope that their grandmother appreciated this gesture and the support from her grandchildren, who put in a lot of effort to make her happy. It looks adorable and creative. Grandma is lucky to have such grandchildren.

Message for grandmother .jpg?format=webp@23 Crazy Things That Could Only Happen at the Airport II Crazy photos/Awesome Tube/

11. Secret agent

An 8-year-old girl left behind her secret agent at the airport, who observes the workers' performance and ensures they carry out their duties efficiently. The agent also keeps an eye on passengers to prevent any mischief and ensure they don't miss their flights. So, when you're at the airport, be aware that someone's child might have left their secret agent behind, who will be monitoring your every move.

Secret agent.jpg?format=webp@Photos Proving That Airports Are Crazy Places Where Anything Can Happen/Noble Natalee Music/

12. Robot suit 

At the airport, you may encounter individuals who confidently express themselves, especially those with a penchant for fashion. These individuals, likely avid fans of the television series "Doctor Who," may have been en route to a convention dedicated to the show. Upon their arrival at London's Heathrow Airport, they delighted onlookers by donning elaborate Cybermen costumes from the beloved British science fiction series. One can't help but wonder how they managed to navigate the airport's stringent security measures without triggering the metal detectors with their impressive armor. 

Robot suit .jpg?format=webp@Crazy Things That Could Only Happen At The Airport/Goofy Goos/

13. Living souvenir

Sometimes it may seem challenging to surprise checkpoint inspectors, but that's only an illusion. One passenger attempted to conceal a collection of small exotic frogs in a container, hoping they would go unnoticed. However, things didn't go as planned. The inspectors, being highly observant and experienced, quickly detected the living souvenir and the exotic frogs were ultimately left behind in their home country.

Living souvenir.jpg?format=webp@20 Photos of Crazy Things Found at Airport Security/American Eye/YouTube.com14.

14. New Year’s twins

These two strangers coincidentally met at the airport and immediately caught each other's attention. Both of them chose festive-themed costumes for their journey. They looked harmonious together and couldn't resist capturing this moment on camera. In these outfits, the guys appear joyful and resemble twins or companions who agreed to dress alike. It's a great plus that they didn't hesitate and appreciated each other's attire.

New Year’s twins.jpg?format=webp@Crazy Things That Could Only Happen At The Airport/Goofy Goos/

15. Checked detector 

Usually, passengers at airports are checked by metal detectors and inspectors. But here, it seems there is a new device capable of scanning individuals for prohibited items. However, it looks somewhat funny and amuses the passengers. But the advantage is that when the device scans you, it is always more comfortable than when it is done by a third person.

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16. Unique intersection between a runway and a highway

While it is common to see railroad tracks intersecting roadways, the intersection of runways and highways is a rare occurrence. Gibraltar International Airport's runway and the four-lane Winston Churchill Boulevard serve as a prime example of this unique setup. Whenever planes are approaching, the road is temporarily closed to ensure the safe passage of the aircraft, resulting in frequent traffic interruptions. Despite this unusual arrangement, tourists continue to visit Gibraltar to enjoy the Mediterranean climate, luxurious accommodations, and breathtaking views. It is worth noting that this intersection between a runway and a highway is believed to be the only one of its kind in the world. 

Unique intersection between a runway and a highway.jpg?format=webp@23 Crazy Things That Could Only Happen at the Airport II Crazy photos/Awesome Tube/

17. Artwork “Samson”

At first glance, it may seem like a baggage handler, channeling their inner Tetris master, has constructed this impressive tower of luggage. Just imagine navigating through these towering structures of baggage. However, this photograph actually showcases Brian Goggin's artwork titled "Samson," situated in the baggage claim area of Terminal A at Sacramento International Airport. These two towering pillars, each standing at 23 feet, depict stacked luggage and create the illusion of supporting the ceiling, symbolizing that travelers are the pillars that uphold the airport. It is undoubtedly a unique and creative way to express gratitude to the passengers. 

Artwork Samson.jpg?format=webp@Photos Proving That Airports Are Crazy Places Where Anything Can Happen/Noble Natalee Music/

18. A tent for all life situations

A creative idea with a tent that can come in handy not only during a camping trip but also at the airport. For instance, if you have a long layover or if your flight is delayed for several days due to weather conditions. During such times, hotels may be fully booked or too expensive. That's when a tent can be useful, providing a place to rest, sleep, and have some privacy. The passenger in the photo cleverly utilized their tent, although it may have surprised other people around.

A tent for all life situations.jpg?format=webp@Crazy Things That Could Only Happen At The Airport/Goofy Goos/

19. Travel dog

This man came up with a wonderful way to travel with his beloved pet. It seems that the little dog doesn't mind accompanying his owner at all. With a pet carrier backpack, the man can move easily and quickly. It also guarantees that the dog won't get lost and will always be close at hand, or rather, on his back. This method also ensures control over the personal space of the man and his pet. It's unlikely that anyone would dare to stand too close behind them.

Travel dog.jpg?format=webp@Airport Photos so Funny You'll Laugh till You Land/Facts Verse/

20. Important guidelines

While traveling, it's important to set aside time for purchasing gifts for your family and loved ones. However, signs like this serve as a reminder to be mindful of what we pack and buy before our journey. As per the guidelines of the Transportation Security Administration, certain liquid contents cannot be accurately identified, hence the prohibition on snowballs. Additionally, different countries have specific regulations concerning the renowned super fruit, durian. Thailand, Singapore, and Japan have banned its transportation due to the strong odor it emits. Nevertheless, durian remains permissible in other countries as long as it is appropriately packaged to prevent any odor leakage.

Important guidelines.jpg?format=webp@23 Crazy Things That Could Only Happen at the Airport II Crazy photos/Awesome Tube/

21. Smiled outlets

When you went to charge your gadget, you approached the power outlet and smiled because it wasn't just an ordinary outlet; it resembled a smiley face, like the ones in your conversations. It was as if they were saying that they had just settled down to rest when they were once again burdened with work, freezing their expression in a sigh. In any case, the designers of these outlets intentionally or unintentionally created an intriguing item that is both practical and capable of eliciting a smile in observant individuals.

Smiled outlets.jpg?format=webp@Crazy Things That Could Only Happen At The Airport/Goofy Goos/

22. Styled man

This man carefully selected his outfit and opted for shades of pink. It's hard not to notice him, as he definitely stands out from the crowd. Perhaps, for him, the flight is a special occasion for which he has prepared extensively. It could even be a festive event that calls for a combination of unique attire and vibrant colors. To highlight his shaven legs, he chose a short skirt and ankle boots.

Styled man.jpg?format=webp@Airport Photos so Funny You'll Laugh till You Land/Facts Verse/

23. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

During a long journey, it can be difficult to find comfort and even harder to get some sleep, thanks to the cramped seats, noisy children, and chatty seatmates. However, this person seems to have it all figured out. He appears to have taken inspiration from the famous proverbial monkeys, embodying their "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" philosophy. Equipped with a blindfold, a mask, and a pair of headphones, he's clearly determined to block out any disturbances. It's evident that he's prepared for a peaceful and uninterrupted trip, so it's best not to disrupt his tranquility! 

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.jpg?format=webp@23 Crazy Things That Could Only Happen at the Airport II Crazy photos/Awesome Tube/

24. Big hugs

At the airport, you can witness various things and read stories at certain moments. But the most touching stories are always about love in its different manifestations. In the photo, the children finally see their father, who has been away at war for a long time. Their emotions are sincere and genuine. This photo brings tears to your eyes because their story is about family values, little hearts, and true love that comes from the depths of the heart. At this moment, you wish to slow down time a little to savor the moment.

Big hugs.jpg?format=webp@Crazy Things That Could Only Happen At The Airport/Goofy Goos/

25. Dangerous trip

These people were either in a hurry to catch their flight or simply reluctant to spend money on a taxi. That's why they hopped on a motorcycle and raced toward the airport, dragging their luggage on the roadway. Who cares, it has wheels, right? The outcome of this adventure is unknown, but the risk of traveling in such a manner is substantial, as it could end in tragedy. Sometimes it's better to be conventional and take a taxi rather than take a gamble and provoke a potentially fatal journey. 

Dangerous trip.jpg?format=webp@23 Crazy Things That Could Only Happen at the Airport II Crazy photos/Awesome Tube/

26. Greeting of dinosaur

If you encounter a dinosaur, there's no way you'll just pass by and end up where you intended to go. It doesn't even need a sign to make it clear who's welcoming and who's being welcomed—it's pretty obvious. After all, it's not every day that you come across a dinosaur at the airport. The person greeting the dinosaur definitely has a great sense of humor, as evidenced by their choice of costume. Although there's a possibility that they might be an entertainer who took advantage of the moment or took a break from work. 

Greeting of dinosaur.jpg?format=webp@Creative Airport Pickup Signs That Were Impossible To Miss... funny picture/daily humor/

27. Perfect match

There are various ways to stand out in a crowd and make sure the person you're looking for notices you. These two ladies found a simple and interesting method. One of them came to meet her friend with a tree-shaped sign, while the other stepped out with an apple. Everything matched perfectly, and they didn't pass by each other unnoticed. With a bit of creativity, you not only avoid getting lost but also create a memorable encounter that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Perfect match.jpg?format=webp@Creative Airport Pickup Signs That Were Impossible To Miss... funny picture/daily humor/

28. Star Wars

These individuals' level of creativity is exceptional. They've organized an entire performance that not only Vader, but also other curious passengers can't pass by. They managed to find the necessary costumes and coordinate their meeting at the airport. Although there's a possibility that they are all actors waiting for their main character, and since the flight was delayed, they decided not to prolong the filming process and head straight to the set.

Star Wars.jpg?format=webp@Crazy Things That Could Only Happen At The Airport/Goofy Goos/

29. Camel at the airport

Yes, you are correct. The camel is indeed going through registration inside the airport. It's not something you see every day, and it's likely to surprise the airport staff like nothing else. Hopefully, it will be flying in a special compartment rather than in the passenger cabin, as it's unlikely that passengers would be able to endure this flight calmly.

Camel at the airport.jpg?format=webp@Airport Photos so Funny You'll Laugh till You Land/Facts Verse/

30. Children’s hugs 

These two children are incredibly adorable. They look as if they've just found each other and never want to be separated again. The cuteness of their embrace is overwhelming and evokes a plethora of positive emotions. The airport becomes a place for the most tender displays of affection, which leave a delightful and sometimes unforgettable impression. Observing these children, you realize the true value and sincerity of childhood emotions.

Children’s hugs .jpg?format=webp@Photos Proving That Airports Are Crazy Places Where Anything Can Happen/Noble Natalee Music/

31. Personal cover for the suitcase

This man knows how to ensure he doesn't lose his luggage, and perhaps he has had a sad experience before and now decided to take extra precautions. So, he found a great solution. He chose a protective cover for his suitcase, but not just any cover—it has his own image on it. Agree, it's very original. There's no chance of mistaken identity here, as the portrait is clear and distinct. But if this man ever wants to change his image, he'll have to update his luggage cover right away.

Personal cover for the suitcase.jpg?format=webp@Crazy Things That Could Only Happen At The Airport/Goofy Goos/

32. A passenger who got lost 

This is definitely not the kind of passenger expected at the airport. How they calmly entered remains a mystery. A polar bear strolls slowly on the runway, surveying the area. It's no wonder that there is no one near them, as such a passenger can pose a danger. Hopefully, rescuers were able to return it to its natural habitat, and airport staff could take measures to prevent the appearance of similar unwelcome guests in the future.

Unusual passenger1.jpg?format=webp@Airport Photos so Funny You'll Laugh till You Land/Facts Verse/

33. Pretty reaction 

The girl being carried in a hip seat by her mother appears to be very displeased. There are likely at least two reasons for this. First, she might not be thrilled about the idea of going somewhere with her mother. Second, the child may not like the person her mother invited to join them. Both of these possibilities are entirely real and emphasize the girl's dissatisfaction, which she has no intention of hiding. Hopefully, the child eventually changed her mood and started smiling, but this photo deserves to become a true meme.

Pretty reaction .jpg?format=webp@Photos Proving That Airports Are Crazy Places Where Anything Can Happen/Noble Natalee Music/

34. Nice nicknames

The girls definitely have a great sense of humor and a wonderful relationship. This is evident from the sign with which one friend greets the other at the airport. It seems that the girl knows her friend's character well, and they have plenty of funny shared stories where she gave her an extraordinary nickname that could potentially offend or be misunderstood by someone else. It's fantastic to have someone by your side who is always on the same wavelength and with whom you can let loose and have a great time without worrying about the consequences.

Nice nicknames.jpg?format=webp@Creative Airport Pickup Signs That Were Impossible To Miss... funny picture/daily humor/

35. Travel Puppies 

This painting evokes pure delight and brings a warm smile. The little Labradors are resting on the floor at the airport, surrounded by their toys and water. They must have been very tired from the journey and now just want to stretch their legs and take a little break before heading home. Traveling is not always easy for animals, but these brave pups have surely handled it with grace.

Travel Puppies .jpg?format=webp@Crazy Things That Could Only Happen At The Airport/Goofy Goos/

36. Free option

Experiencing a depleted phone battery at the airport can feel like a true disaster. The inability to occupy the long waiting time by making calls or scrolling through social media presents a significant challenge. Fast charging stations prove to be convenient, particularly for those feeling anxious. However, this airport photo suggests that not everyone would opt for that solution. Faced with the choice between a quick charge and a prolonged waiting period, the owner of the phone resting on the floor chose the free alternative. Can we really fault them? Considering the already costly nature of travel, finding ways to save on smaller expenses can be advantageous.

Free option.jpg?format=webp@Airport Photos so Funny You'll Laugh till You Land/Facts Verse/

37. Valuable rolling pin

Someone among the passengers managed to transport a rolling pin as separate luggage. Perhaps, for this individual, this kitchen item held significant value. It seems that the passenger intended to carry the rolling pin as separate luggage, but it was not allowed by customs, requiring separate processing. This is a common occurrence as such items can be misused or potentially cause harm to others, hence their prohibition from being carried on board an aircraft. 

Valuable rolling pin.jpg?format=webp@23 Crazy Things That Could Only Happen at the Airport II Crazy photos/Awesome Tube/

38. Weird behavior 

The eccentricity of some individuals can sometimes be taken to extremes. In particular, this Jewish person decided to isolate themselves as much as possible and distance themselves from others. They chose a peculiar and not very healthy way to achieve this: they wore a cellophane sack and flew almost the entire flight enclosed inside it. The exact reasons behind such behavior are unknown, whether they stem from eccentric phobias or religious beliefs, but the fact remains. However, how they managed to breathe inside the cellophane sack remains a mystery.

Weird behavior .jpg?format=webp@Orthodox Jew Plastic Bag Photo Going Viral/The Young Turks/

39. Pet toilet

This airport not only caters to the needs of humans but also takes care of our furry companions. Every passenger is valued and important, and I believe these words serve as the motto for the airport staff. They have provided a dog toilet with artificial grass to ensure that pets feel comfortable. Additionally, they have added bags for owners to clean up after their dogs. It's a wonderful solution for the basic needs of passengers traveling with animals.

Pet toilet.jpg?format=webp@Crazy Things That Could Only Happen At The Airport/Goofy Goos/

40. Take it easy!

Most likely, the airport staff got tired of witnessing the excessive displays of affection from couples who couldn't seem to get enough of each other and couldn't tear themselves away from kissing. It's also possible that other passengers felt uncomfortable with the overt and prolonged kissing of some couples and started complaining to the airport management, which led to the appearance of such a sign. Emotions are good, but sometimes, when there's an excess of public displays, it can create tension among onlookers who unwillingly become witnesses to such displays.

Take it easy.jpg?format=webp@Airport Photos so Funny You'll Laugh till You Land/Facts Verse/

41. Brave image

When asked why he decided to get such an original haircut and shave while sitting at a table in the airport, waiting for his flight, this man simply responded that he could afford it. In reality, it's really cool when a person is not afraid to express themselves and be true to who they are, without worrying about the opinions of others regarding their appearance. This man challenged himself and confidently poses for a photo to a stranger.

Brave image.jpg?format=webp@Photos Proving That Airports Are Crazy Places Where Anything Can Happen/Noble Natalee Music/

42. Baby’s message 

This adorable, smiling boy with a wonderful sign evokes a lot of positive emotions. His mother showed a creative approach to welcoming his father and subtly hinted that their son took good care of his mom, but now it's dad's turn. In addition, the mom works a lot, so support is much needed. I believe the dad appreciated this sign, and his heart was melted by both the words and the smile of his child, which is hard to resist.

Baby’s message .jpg?format=webp@Creative Airport Pickup Signs That Were Impossible To Miss... funny picture/daily humor/

43. Perfect solution

Sometimes, waiting for your flight can be long and requires patience. Of course, you can sit on the chairs in the waiting area, but if you happen to have a hammock in your suitcase, it's hard to resist using it. Especially if you can conveniently hang it in the airport lounge and the staff doesn't mind, you can even take a nap until it's time to check-in. Imagine lying back in the hammock, gently swaying as you listen to your favorite music or read a book. The gentle motion and suspended position can help alleviate the fatigue of travel and provide a moment of tranquility in the bustling airport atmosphere.

Perfect solution.jpg?format=webp@Crazy Things That Could Only Happen At The Airport/Goofy Goos/

44. Long-waiting luggage

This is probably the most anticipated luggage in the world. The couple waited for their suitcase for a staggering 458 days! For them, it is truly a celebration, as they even made a poster to commemorate this event. They must have almost lost hope of ever receiving it when, finally, this miracle happened. Sometimes, there are peculiar stories about luggage, but it can be disheartening to realize that your suitcase has traveled halfway around the world while you have not.

Long-waiting luggage.jpg?format=webp@Photos Proving That Airports Are Crazy Places Where Anything Can Happen/Noble Natalee Music/

45. The curious moment 

The girl couldn't personally meet her friend at the airport, so she sent her boyfriend instead. However, he wasted no time and came up with a funny sign for the meeting: "I have the Imodium, you asked for." Hopefully, it brought a smile to the girl's face and didn't bother her at all. But it's unlikely that his beloved will risk letting her boyfriend handle future meet-ups on her behalf, especially if it involves meeting someone from her workplace's management.

The curious moment .jpg?format=webp@Creative Airport Pickup Signs That Were Impossible To Miss... funny picture/daily humor/

46. Amazing pictures

The restroom can also be a place for creativity. The designer of this particular women's restroom depicted various figures of women, emphasizing their uniqueness, character, and extraordinariness. Once again, it showcases how women are diverse, and intriguing, and cannot be confined to any stereotypes. It's interesting that this restroom is located in an airport, a place where different worlds often collide, and where people from all over the world with diverse cultures and perspectives can be encountered.

Amazing pictures.jpg?format=webp@Crazy Things That Could Only Happen At The Airport/Goofy Goos/

47. Typewriter like a breath from a bygone era

It is quite common to see people working on computers in airports. However, it's not as often that you come across someone still using a typewriter. It's indeed a wonderful experience to immerse oneself in the bygone era and imagine being a writer of those times. But how convenient is it to carry such heavy baggage with you? Despite that, it looks very epic and intriguing, once again demonstrating the unique and extraordinary world that airport life unveils to us.

Typewriter like a breath from a bygone era.jpg?format=webp@Airport Photos so Funny You'll Laugh till You Land/Facts Verse/

48. Childhood time 

This little girl will definitely remember her time at the airport, perhaps even more than the journey itself. Thanks to her patient father and the suitcase, she had a lot of fun here. She had a great time riding the suitcase around the terminal, laughing non-stop. This story once again reminded us how wonderful it is to be a child and how little it takes to be happy.

Childhood time .jpg?format=webp@Photos Proving That Airports Are Crazy Places Where Anything Can Happen/Noble Natalee Music/

49. She knows what she's talking about

Children are incredibly brave and creative. They cannot be stopped, especially when it comes to their parents, especially after a period of separation. So, when you read the sign held by a little girl that says, "Get out of my way I get my daddy back 2 days," without any hesitation, you step aside and make way for her because her love for her daddy drives her. It is powerful and heartwarming to the point of tears. Children are our strength.

She knows what she's talking about.jpg?format=webp@Creative Airport Pickup Signs That Were Impossible To Miss... funny picture/daily humor/

50. Time to sleep

This passenger seems to be very tired, but in addition to that, he has no intention of giving up his place in line. So, he decided not to hesitate between "resting - waiting it out" and immediately lay down on the floor and took a short nap. It's quite a bold and unconventional decision. Sometimes a small story from airport life can be a whole event worth sharing with friends because it surely teaches us something and shows us how things should or shouldn't be done.

Time to sleep.jpg?format=webp@23 Crazy Things That Could Only Happen at the Airport II Crazy photos/Awesome Tube/