The whole truth about how the lives of the actors of the CSI series turned out

16 May 2023

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation pushed itself to the top of television ratings by utilizing its intriguing and wonderful cast. Since it finished in 2015, where have its stars disappeared? 

Lauren Lee Smith Then

Although it's difficult to replace a beloved character, Lauren Lee Smith does it with poise and care. She was a key cast substitute for Jorja Fox's Sara Sidle during season nine. Riley Adams got well with her teammates at first, but under Catherine Willows she had trouble once Gil Grissom left. When she criticized Catherine harshly in her leave interview, her argument with Willows reached a boiling point.  

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Lauren Lee Smith Now

Although Lauren Lee Smith joined CSI as a prominent cast member immediately on, her involvement would only last for one season. Due to her devotion to her own Canada, American viewers may not be familiar with Smith outside of her position on CSI. For the Canadian Broadcasting Company, Smith has appeared in a few programs as an actor. She appeared in 44 episodes of Mutant X as one of the major characters. She came back to CBC in The Listener after CSI.  

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Elisabeth Shue Then

The producers struggled to find a star-studded replacement after Marg Helgenberger departed the show. Elisabeth Shue, a nominated for an Academy Award, was selected to take her place. Julie Finlay joined the team during season 12 and remained until the end of the program as a blood splatter specialist. Finlay tragically passed away before the conclusion because she had a terrible beating and went into a coma. Her Grave Shift Assistant Supervisor job was never again filled.  

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Elisabeth Shue Now

Even before her CSI role, Shue was a well-known celebrity. She worked as a film actress for 30 years before returning to television. Elisabeth Shue is most known for her roles as Daniel LaRusso's girlfriend in The Karate Kid and Jennifer Parker, Marty McFly's fiancée, in the two Back to the Future sequels. She has returned to focusing on her family when CSI came to an end. With the director Davis Guggenheim, she has three children (of An Inconvenient Truth fame).   

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Paul Guilfoyle Then

Paul Guilfoyle had a successful career, appearing in films like L.A. Confidential and Amistad, but his performance on CSI will live on in people's memories. From the start, Jim Brass led the homicide squad and won over the support of the audience. Over the course of the show's first fourteen seasons, Guilfoyle made 317 appearances. His story had concluded in the producers' eyes, so they wrote him off the show.  

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Paul Guilfoyle Now

Guilfoyle made a good choice with his future endeavors, even though we would have preferred to see Jim Brass remain on CSI to the very end. In Alfonso Cuaron's sci-fi movie Gravity, he played a dead astronaut and appeared uncredited. Despite the modest role, the film was nominated for seven Academy Awards. His subsequent movie was another critical and commercial success. In Spotlight, he played Peter Conley. Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, and Rachel McAdams appeared in the movie, which won the Best Picture Oscar.  

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Wallace Langham Then

David Hodges, a lab technician, joined the group in season three and had a supporting role for five seasons until being promoted to the main cast in season eight. The entire time the annoying Hodges was on the show, Wallace Langham played him. Hodges' coworkers complained about him constantly. Langham himself called his character a suckup and a "pain in the (butt)." His lack of self-awareness serves as a source of light humor.  

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Wallace Langham Now

Since the middle of the 1980s, Wallace Langham has been in various television programs. Before settling in as the writer Phil on The Larry Sanders Show, he played Mark Ratner in the Fast Times series. Langham has maintained a consistent body of work since CSI ended, appearing in both films and television shows. He costarred with Woody Harrelson as Arthur Schlesinger in LBJ, and Jonah Hill as a supplier in War Dogs. 

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Robert David Hall Then

Robert David Hall holds the distinction of having been in the most episodes of both the CSI franchise as a whole and the Las Vegas show, despite the fact that Dr. Al Robbins didn't make his debut appearance until a few episodes into season one. The vehicle accident that cost Hall his legs in 1978 only served to enhance his portrayal of Dr. Robbins. Except for a few occasions where he wears prosthetics, Dr. Robbins can be seen in a wheelchair virtually constantly.  

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Robert David Hall Now

In spite of having both of his legs amputated in 1978, Robert David Hall continued to act. His characters frequently have disabilities, like Dr. Robbins. Hall is a skilled musician who can play the mandolin, guitar, piano, and percussion instruments. He spent many years in Los Angeles working as a DJ. He still has two projects in post-production, so the end of CSI hasn't put an end to his career, but the 76-year-old has cut back on his job since the finale aired.  

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Emily Procter Then

Don't be fooled by Calleigh Duquesne's outward beauty. Although she may be blonde, attractive, and "far too joyful," she is undoubtedly intelligent and has a talent for capturing criminals. She has earned the moniker "Bullet Girl" and is an expert in ballistics. She appeared on CSI: Miami for the duration of the program.  

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Emily Procter Now

Fans of The West Wing may have recognized Procter from her role as White House attorney Ainsley Hayes before she joined CSI: Miami. Procter made a special appearance on the USA Network series White Collar after there were no more bullets to examine. She can now be seen cuddling up to her husband, Paul Bryan, a music producer. 

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Gary Sinise Then

The CSI producers were eager to branch out the show once more with a different lead character. For his role as Lieutenant Dan in the film Forrest Gump, Gary Sinise was well-known. He was now in charge of the New York CSI unit. Mac Taylor is a decent man and an effective leader. He supervised his crew through nine seasons of chaos in the Big Apple as a level three CSI supervisor. In the 200 episodes of the CSI series, Sinise made an appearance. 

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Gary Sinise Now

Sinise's performance as Taylor fulfilled every expectation CBS had for him. Before joining CSI, Sinise was a recognized actor. He was nominated for another Emmy for Truman, received an Oscar nomination for Lieutenant Dan, and won an Emmy for his performance in George Wallace. He joined another popular CBS crime franchise as Jack Garrett in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders after the show's conclusion. Despite the cancellation of the show, Sinise has plenty ofupcoming projects.

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Ted Danson Then

The producers of the show were once again without a truly bankable star after Lawrence Fishburne's contract expired and was not extended. They chose Ted Danson, one of Hollywood's most endearing actors. Dr. Langston's departure left a gap, but D.B. Russell, played by Danson, did a fantastic job filling it. He played the character for the final four seasons and also had an appearance in CSI: Cyber's second season.  

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Ted Danson Now

As he gets older, Ted Danson seems to labor even harder. Danson joined the cast of Fargo as Sheriff Hank Larsson after CSI's season finale. Danson is now starring alongside Kristen Bell in NBC's The Good Place as the developer of a community in a fictional heaven. Of course, Danson is most known for his 275 episodes as Sam Malone, the proprietor of a bar, in the television series Cheers. The most recent season of Curb Your Enthusiasm saw him continuing to portray a fictionalized version of himself. 

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David Berman Then

As Dave Phillips, David Berman played the role for as long as any other CSI actor. From the fifth episode of the first season till the very end, Berman was a part of the show. For the first nine seasons, he was a recurring character, but by season 10, the actors had grown to value him too much to keep him out of the main cast. Dr. Robbins' helper was known as "Super Dave."  

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David Berman Now

In addition to playing Dave Phillips on CSI, David Berman also served as the program's full-time researcher. He put so much effort into the show that he has stepped away from the spotlight since it ended. His cameo in the detective show Bones marks his lone noteworthy television appearance since CSI ceased production. Berman played a recurring part in the TV show Vanished before joining CSI. We hope that without CSI, his career does not end. 

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Archie Kao Then

The man in charge of the audiovisual work at the crime lab, Archie Johnson, was first introduced to CSI viewers in season two. Although Archie Kao was only meant to appear in one episode of the program, executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer was so delighted that he told Kao's agent that he wanted to have him return on a regular basis. In an interview, Kao acknowledged that Bruckheimer's faith in him and his compatibility with the program "stunned" him.  

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Archie Kao Now

With the assurance Jerry Bruckheimer had given Archie Kao, he quickly made a name for himself as an actor. In 2014, he was a member of Chicago P.D.'s ensemble cast. Famous director Michael Mann added Kao to his Chris Hemsworth-starring drama Blackhat from 2015. Kao played Kai Chen, also known as the blue ranger, in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. He may be most known to children born around the turn of the century. Before the end of 2017, he will be seen in two more movies.

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Eric Szmanda Then

In a program centered on drama and murder, Greg Sanders was a terrific source of comic relief from the beginning. He debuted as a recurrent character but joined the main cast during season three. With his persona, Eric Szmanda did a fantastic job at delivering the deadpan humor. He began the program as a trainee but eventually rose to become one of the team's top investigators. The performance complied with the fans' requests for more Sanders. 

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Eric Szmanda Now

The largest undertaking in Eric Szmanda's career has been CSI. He joined the show when he was just 25 years old, and it has dominated his whole life. He has made several minor but notable television appearances. He has distanced himself from the Hollywood lifestyle ever since the show finished. Szmanda participated in a fundraiser with co-star Jorja Fox to help save animals from violence throughout the world. He also went to Thailand to meet with refugees from Burma.  

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Marc Vann Then

Marc Vann is widely known to CSI viewers despite the fact that he may not appear in every episode. With the exception of seasons three and four, Vann played Conrad Ecklie on the show. Ecklie, the crime lab's assistant director, was initially presented on the show more as an enemy of the group. In season 10, Ecklie was promoted to Undersheriff, and by season 13 he had attained the position of Sheriff of Clark County.  

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Marc Vann Now

Marc Vann's performance on CSI will forever be remembered, but loyal viewers of another significant network program may also have happy memories of him. Vann played the doctor on a boat that visits the island in four episodes of Lost. He only appeared in 37 episodes of CSI, but he continued to act, making appearances on shows like Monk, Angel, Boston Legal, and Modern Family. He made distinct character appearances on back-to-back ABC television programs (Lost and Eli Stone) in 2008.

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Louise Lombard Then

The showrunners debuted Sofia Curtis in season five. The sheriff removed Louise Lombard's character's documents so that she could work in CSI despite her aspirations of becoming a detective. She made her final appearance in season 11 after being elevated to the main cast for the seventh season.  

Louise Lombard Then.jpg?format=webp@CSI Las Vegas Sofia Curtis (Louise Lombard) Music Video./ grainne/

Louise Lombard Now

Louise Lombard was a well-known British actress before she joined CSI. She is actually one of the few British actors who play a major role in CSI. Lombard featured in 34 episodes of the early 1990s British series The House of Elliot, which followed two sisters who launch a dressmaking business. Lombard was included on People Magazine's list of the 50 most attractive people in the world in 1994. She expanded her resume in 2009 by acting in another CBS crime drama. She had an appearance in the NCIS: Los Angeles pilot.  

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Laurence Fishburne Then

The creators needed to bring in some firepower to lead the team because one of the main stars of the program was leaving. To serve as Dr. Ray Langston, they selected actor Lawrence Fishburne from the film industry. It's interesting to note that Fishburne's character was given the name Langston after his son. In seasons nine through eleven, he rose to the status of a show-star. Fishburne's contract was not renewed after he had appeared in 59 of the 60 episodes, hence he was cut from the show.  

Laurence Fishburne Then (1).jpg?format=webp@CSI : Langston / Haskell - Where will you go/NIckara94/

Laurence Fishburne Now

CSI was fortunate to attract such a well-known celebrity. The roles of Jason Styles in Boyz N' The Hood and Morpheus in The Matrix franchises have made Fishburne a household name. For his role as Ike Turner in What's Love Got to Do With It, Fishburne received an Oscar nomination. He also received two Emmy nominations and a Tony Award. Fishburne has taken on parts on Hannibal as Jack Crawford and Black-ish as Pops since leaving CSI.  

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Aisha Tyler Then

Aisha Tyler only appeared on the program for one season, but she had a standout character development. During season five, she portrayed Mia Dickerson, a DNA lab technician. Dickerson's tremendous work ethic and OCD-like organization will be remembered by fans for sure. Her various coworkers used to get reprimanded for contaminating her workspace. She was so competent at her job that her coworkers probably didn't mind being yelled at. Tyler also made an appearance in a CSI: Miami episode.  

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Aisha Tyler Now

Aisha has had a rather good career outside of CSI. She is an actress, writer, producer, director, and author. After taking over as the host of Talk Soup before it changed to The Soup in 2001, her career started to take off. Tyler co-hosted The Talk and hosted the revival of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Tyler's voice might be recognizable even if you can't place her face. In the animated crime series Archer, she gives the voice of agent Lana Kane.  

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Alex Carter Then

While the majority of the CSI detectives don't get much screen time or backstory, the program was eager to develop Alex Carter's persona. Lou Vartann worked as a detective with the Las Vegas Police Department's homicide squad and developed a strong bond with one of the team commanders. Vartann started becoming close to Catherine Willows in season 10. Detective Vartann featured in 41 CSI episodes during the duration of the show.  

Alex Carter  (1).jpg?format=webp@CSI- Catherine/Vartann --The One that Got Away/oxPerfectlyFlawedxo/

Alex Carter Now

Before, during, and after CSI, Alex Carter maintained a busy schedule with a variety of television and film appearances, much like many of the actors who played recurring roles on the program. Recently, he was cast in guest appearances on CBS classics Blue Bloods and NCIS. He made an appearance in a CSI: NY episode, along with a few other CSI cast members, but he played a different role than the one he does in Las Vegas. Carter is a Canadian actor, however he and his family are currently residing in California. 

Alex Carter Now (1).jpg?format=webp@Alex Carter- Doin My Thing/Kristi2015/

David Caruso Then

David Caruso came to dominate the show when CSI chose to launch a Miami-based spinoff. He played Lieutenant Horatio Cane, popularly known as "H," a member of the Miami-Dade Police Department. Each episode began with H dramatically donning his sunglasses and making a pun-related remark on the case since H was the star of the show. For the part, Caruso developed a cult following and won a ton of accolades from reviewers for his acting.

David Caruso Then (1).jpg?format=webp@This is Why David Caruso Retired From Acting | What Happened To/ALLVIPP/

David Caruso Now

Caruso's acting in a popular program had its drawbacks. An Austrian lady who had been accused of stalking him in 2009 fled to Mexico to escape being charged. Caruso has relished his time away from the spotlight since the show finished. Since 1980, he has been performing regularly. In the 1990s, he appeared in another criminal procedural. Caruso earned a Golden Globe for his work in NYPD Blue as Detective John Kelly. When he did not get the raise he desired, he departed NYPD Blue. 

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Romy Rosemont Then

Through seasons three, four, and five, Jacqui Franco's visage started to become recognizable. The crew resorted to her as the fingerprint lab technician when they needed assistance. Jacqui typically takes her job and her life very seriously. Her goofier side was on display in the episode A Night at the Movies. She and Greg placed a wager on who could analyze a weapon's output the fastest. She conceded defeat after losing and sported a ridiculous hat Greg owned.  

Romy Rosemont Then.jpg?format=webp@Romy Rosemont Movies list Romy Rosemont| Filmography of Romy Rosemont/Supermovie/

Romy Rosemont Now

Romy Rosemont never saw CSI as her final destination. She was only in 14 episodes, although before to joining the cast, she had worked on a number of other projects. After she left CSI, she would land her biggest job. As Carole Hudson, she appeared in 18 episodes of the musical comedy drama Glee. She now appears on Beyond as Diane Matthews. Stephen Root, a character actor, is married to Rosemont. In 2011, they both made an appearance in the same episode of Fringe.  

Romy Rosemont – Now (1).jpg?format=webp@Romy Rosemont -- 'Glee the 3D Concert Movie' Premiere/ClevverTV/

Liz Vassey Then

The creators of CSI hired Wendy Simms as a new lab worker. Liz Vassey, an actress, portrayed Simms. In her recurring role, she entered the show during the sixth season and immediately had a conflict with David Hodges. She appeared in four seasons as a recurring character before being called up to the main cast. After an episode in season 11, Vassey permanently quit the show. Vessey's contract option remained unsigned as many of the show's performers renegotiated their agreements.  

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Liz Vassey Now

Before landing a role on CSI, Liz Vassey appeared on a number of television programs in the 1990s and the early 2000s. Brotherly Love, a 1995 television series starring the Lawrence brothers, featured her in 40 of its episodes. After leaving CSI, Vassey landed a brief role as one of Charlie's girlfriends on Two and a Half Men. Her being older than he did not sit well with him. Vassey is six years younger than Charlie Sheen in real life.  

Liz Vassey – Now (1).jpg?format=webp@STATE OF MIND with MAURICE BENARD: LIZ VASSEY/

Jon Wellner Then

Jon Wellner long awaited his opportunity to join the largest television show's main cast. Henry Andrews was Wellner's first role when he joined the group in season 5, but he wouldn't become a regular for another eight. Funny enough, before joining the cast, Wellner appeared in an earlier season five episode as a different character. Andrews was the show's toxicology expert, therefore he was not necessary every single week. 

Jon Wellner Then.jpg?format=webp@CSI: LAS VEGAS ⭐ 2000 - 2015 | THEN AND NOW 2021 (CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION)/ NOSTALGIA HIT/

Jon Wellner Now

Although Jon Wellner is most known for his work on CSI, he has collaborated with some of the industry's top talent. He played Bob Denver in Surviving Gilligan's Island, a 2001 documentary that featured members of the original actors and told the tale of Gilligan's Island. In the movie Ocean's 13, Wellner also crossed paths with some of today's biggest celebrities, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon.  

Jon Wellner Now (1).jpg?format=webp@'CSI' stars share secrets with students/KCCI/

George Eads Then

Because of his portrayal as Nick Stokes, George Eads rose to fame on television. He worked as a part of the main cast from the first episode until the last one of CSI, making an astounding 335 appearances. Unfortunately, Eads was unable to attend the season finale, and at the conclusion of the 15th season, his character was eliminated from the show. One of his unit's more approachable and sympathetic members was Stokes.  

George Eads Then (1).jpg?format=webp@CSI: - You Ask, They Tell: George Eads/CBS/

George Eads Now

With 15 years of experience in the field, Eads signed on to play Jack Dalton in the new season of the criminal drama MacGyver. MacGyver's companion is Dalton, played by Lucas Till. Eads had a guest starring role on the well-known medical drama ER prior to joining CSI. Due to an altercation with a writer, Eads departed CSI. They reportedly clashed about his character's artistic direction. In 2014, he appeared with Steven Seagal in an action thriller.  

Depositphotos_14013279_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

William Petersen Then

Without Gil Grissom setting the example on its original source material, the CSI franchise would essentially not exist. From the first episode through the eighth, he was in every one. Due to his hearing loss, Gil, the team leader, changed from a humorous and passionate leader to one who was annoyed and distant. Even with its stellar ensemble, Grissom was always seen as the show's focal point by CSI's showrunner. After quitting in season nine, Lawrence Fishburne took his position.  

William Petersen Then.jpg?format=webp@CSI: LAS VEGAS ⭐ 2000 - 2015 | THEN AND NOW 2021 (CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION)/ NOSTALGIA HIT/

William Petersen Now

Petersen decided that 196 episodes of CSI were sufficient, and he left the program in 2009 as an Emmy-nominated actor. He has been slow to return to regular acting, but he has participated in certain productions. He played Glenn in the Steve Carell-starring film Seeking a Friend for the End of the World in 2012. He appeared in ten episodes of season two of Manhattan before the show was cancelled at the end of the year. Fans of Grissom eagerly anticipate his next move.  

William Petersen Now (1).jpg?format=webp@Manhunter (1986) - Bonus Clip: Interview with William Peterson (HD)/ScreamFactoryTV/

Gary Dourdan Then

Warrick Brown, played by Gary Dourdan, immediately became one of the most well-liked characters in the show's history. From season one to season eight, he made an appearance in every episode before being killed by undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen. Brown's final appearance in the show is at the beginning of season nine when Grissom finds him bleeding to death. The show's viewers and critics were baffled as to how it would continue without him and the comradery of his staff.  

Gary Dourdan Then.jpg?format=webp@CSI: LAS VEGAS ⭐ 2000 - 2015 | THEN AND NOW 2021 (CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION)/ NOSTALGIA HIT/

Gary Dourdan Now

After Warrick Brown, Gary Dourdan's life did not go as he had anticipated. After failing to reach an agreement on his contract with CBS, Dourdan departed the program. He made a few cameos in other programs and movies, but his personal life interfered. He was first taken into custody for drug possession. After a car accident three years later, he was accused of possessing paraphernalia. A case of domestic violence resulted in five years of probation. In 2012, he made a bankruptcy filing.  

Gary Dourdan – Now (1).jpg?format=webp@Gary Dourdan ( CSI ) @ Paris 25 june 2022 Fashion Week show Hermès/Paris Videostars/

Marg Helgenberger Then

Few characters were as crucial to the CSI crew as Catherine Willows, played by Marg Helgenberger. She was an essential foil for Gil Grissom. The character Willows was based on Yolanda McClary, a real-life forensic scientist from Las Vegas. The persona is meant to be a former cocktail waitress and showgirl who decided to change her life and join the Las Vegas Police Department. Before moving for new endeavors, Helgenberger remained on the program for the final two seasons of season twelve.

Marg Helgenberger Then.jpg?format=webp@CSI: LAS VEGAS ⭐ 2000 - 2015 | THEN AND NOW 2021 (CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION)/ NOSTALGIA HIT/

Marg Helgenberger Now

Helgenberger had to make the painful decision to leave CSI, but she had no shortage of things to do. In 2014, she co-starred in the CBS television series Intelligence with Josh Holloway (of Lost fame). Sadly, after one season, the show was cancelled. She made her feature film return in 2016 with the release of Almost Friends, a movie about a twenty-something who lives at home with his mother and stepfather. Helgenberger portrayed Siobhan Ryan on the daytime soap serial Ryan's Hope prior to CSI.  

Marg Helgenberger – Now (1).jpg?format=webp@Marg Helgenberger Talks Return to CBS’ ‘CSI’ Franchise & More with Rich Eisen | Full Interview/The Rich Eisen Show/

Jorja Fox Then

It's possible that Sara Sidle's fans have forgotten that she initially appeared as a recurring character. Over the course of the last five seasons, she was eventually promoted to a series regular and won over the audience. Throughout the course of the episode, Jorja Fox played Sidle, who rose to become one of the team's most crucial forensic scientists.  

Jorja Fox Then.jpg?format=webp@tankgirl2000/

Jorja Fox Now

Fox, who was an integral piece of the CSI puzzle before joining the cast as Dr. Maggie Doyle on the medical drama E.R. from 1996 to 1999, enjoyed success in that role. On The West Wing, Fox played a modest but prominent secret service agent. Fox has concentrated her energies on advocacy since her day job with CSI came to an end. She devotes her entire life to issues that support the rights of both people and animals. Her close ties to PETA inspired her to create a vegan handbag for Matt and Nat. 

Jorja Fox – Now (1).jpg?format=webp@CSI: Vegas (CBS) Trailer HD - Jorja Fox, William Petersen series/TV Promos/