All the romantic stories of Jennifer Lopez before her marriage to Ben Affleck

26 May 2023

The personal life of Jennifer Lopez is actively discussed in the media. The Hollywood star received special attention after her reunion with Ben Affleck. But we decided to recall all the romantic relationships that the press attributed to the singer before she married the man of her life.

David Cruz

Jennifer Lopez and David Cruz started their first committed relationship in 1984. Cruz and J.Lo were childhood friends because they both lived in the same New York City borough, The Bronx. When they were just 15 years old, the couple first began dating.

The 10-year marriage between J.Lo and David Cruz ended in 1994 after 10 years of being childhood sweethearts. Early in the 1990s, Lopez's star was already beginning to soar, and she performed with New Kids On The Block as a backup dancer.

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He is my best expert

Before his untimely passing, nothing was known about David Cruz's life and career. When J.Lo moved to Los Angeles, the couple broke up, and Cruz is claimed to have remained in the Bronx, close to where he was raised. He kept leading a routine life, far from the fame and luxury that J.Lo was destined for.

Cruz and J.Lo did stay in touch, with J.Lo declaring in 2004 that "He's a friend and he probably knows me better than anyone else".

He is my best expert.jpg?format=webp@5 FACTS about Jennifer Lopez's ex-boyfriend, David Cruz after he passed away forever/Star Insider/

Chris Paciello

Chris Paciello and Jennifer Lopez had a brief relationship between 1993 and 1994. The Brooklyn, New York, native Paciello has dated numerous well-known ladies throughout the years, including Madonna, Naomi Campbell, and Sofia Vergara.

J.Lo wasn't serious with Paciello, which was probably for the best considering that not long after their infatuation fizzled out, Paciello was named as a getaway driver in a murder investigation and charged with a federal offense. Paciello spent 7 years in prison for his involvement in the crime.

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@Jennifer Lopez Boyfriends List (Dating History)/ CelF/

A prosperous future

I regret the mistakes I made in the past, he told the media. I'm putting a lot of effort into changing the world and starting again in Miami. I am appreciative of all the individuals who welcomed me back with open arms here and I am hopeful for the future.

A Prosperous Future.jpg?format=webp@Episode 5: From Intoxicating to Meditating with Chris Paciello/Alive Life/

Wesley Snipes

In 1995, there were rumors that Jennifer Lopez and actor Wesley Snipes were becoming close. The two were co-stars in the buddy police movie Money Train, which is about the New York subway system. They attended numerous events together at the time, which prompted press inquiries.

Despite the fact that Snipes was highly interested in her at the time, according to sources close to J.Lo, she just wasn't interested in dating someone who was seven years her senior when she was in her early 20s.

Wesley Snipes.jpg?format=webp@The truth behind the Jennifer Lopez and Wesley Snipes beef/Karceno4Life/

It’s a success!

After getting over his passion on J.Lo, Wes Snipes found love and wed Nakyung Park, a painter, in 2003. Together, the couple has four kids.

Since 1986, Snipes has averaged two acting roles per year, enjoying enormous success. He most recently appeared in the critically praised 2019 film Dolemite Is My Name with Eddie Murphy. Snipes has received many nominations for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of D'Urville Martin.

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Ojani Noa

When Ojani Noa was a waiter at a Miami restaurant, J.Lo first met him and instantly fell in love. In 1997, they got hitched, but J.Lo quickly realized it wasn't meant to be, and they split up a year later!

J.Lo continued to try to support Noa even after their divorce. She did him a favor by giving him control of Madre's when she launched her Cuban restaurant there in 2002. But after six months, he once again let her down, forcing her to terminate him.

Ojani Noa.jpg?format=webp@"Jen Loves Being In Love:" JLo's First Ex-Husband Predicts Marriage to Ben Affleck Won’t Last/Daily Blast LIVE/

Absolute disrespect

Over the years, Noa has caused J.Lo a variety of issues, first considering writing a book about their relationship in violation of their secrecy agreement, then attempting to get a movie made about his life! He even made the blatantly disrespectful attempt to sell private film from their honeymoon! It's a low blow to try to cash in on someone else's success, so Jen was quite correct to send him packing.

Absolute Disrespect.jpg?format=webp@"Jen Loves Being In Love:" JLo's First Ex-Husband Predicts Marriage to Ben Affleck Won’t Last/Daily Blast LIVE/


Ojani Noa last made an appearance on Million Dollar Matchmaker in 2016, which was the last time anyone heard from him. He listed himself as a Cuban actor, despite the fact that his only film role was in Rappin' n' Rhyming from 2002.

In an interview for the program, Noa admitted that he "hasn't been able to get over the first love of his life, ex-wife Jennifer Lopez." It appears like Noa is still attempting to capitalize on J.Lo's success to become famous. Hello, bye!

Bye.jpg?format=webp@Ojani Noa habla por primera vez de los supuestos videos sexuales que grabó con Jennifer López/Univision/

Tommy Mottola

When J.Lo was allegedly entangled in a love triangle with Mariah Carey and her ex-husband Tommy Mottola, a Sony Music executive, in 1998, she was still reeling from her acrimonious divorce from Noa.

Following the acrimonious and contentious divorce of Mariah and Tommy, Tommy became very interested in J.Lo. The singer and Tommy were reported to be close because of her artistic abilities, but observers noted that they also appeared to be close on a personal level.

Tommy Mottola.jpg?format=webp@The Truth Behind Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez Beef!/ Archduke of Belgrade/

Romance or rumors?

Though it was unclear whether their connection had evolved from a business to a personal one, Mariah Carey was not happy to learn that Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Tommy Mottola were seeing one other frequently.

Mariah Carey left Sony Music due to allegations of a probable relationship between the music executive and J.Lo. She could not stomach the thought that Mottola was putting so much effort and resources into Jennifer's career rather than her own.

Romance Or Rumors.jpg?format=webp@The Truth Behind Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez Beef!/ Archduke of Belgrade/

He found love!

In his third marriage to Thala, a Mexican singer-songwriter who wed the music mogul in 2000, Mottola found love. Together, they are parents to two kids. At Sony, Mottola was credited with helping celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Marc Anthony (more on him later!) to resurrect their careers.

After leaving Sony in 2003, Mottola ventured into musical theater and later TV, establishing Mottola Media. Numerous shows are currently being developed and produced by Mottola Media's TV production division for cable and network television.

He found love.jpg?format=webp@Tommy Mottola And Thalia Team Up For ’15: A Quinceanera Story’ | TODAY/TODAY/

Sean Combs

J.Lo and Sean Combs, also known as Puff Daddy, were a new Hollywood power couple that gained notoriety between 1999 and 2001. The couple was a favorite of the paparazzi, and their picture together at the 2000 Grammy Awards, when J.Lo was wearing THAT Versace gown, is legendary.

They were well known for showing up in outrageously synchronized ensembles and attending everything as a couple, including red carpet events and music award ceremonies. There were also a lot of open demonstrations of affection.

Sean Combs.jpg?format=webp@J.Lo Reveals How Diddy's Love For Men DESTROYED Their Relationship/Trendy Vert/

A lot of drama

When J.Lo and Puff Daddy became involved in a shooting at a Manhattan nightclub that left three people injured, drama ensued. Although they were unharmed, their romance quickly dwindled. That kind of drama wasn't what J.Lo needed in her life!

For a while, Combs actually made an effort to downplay their breakup, but on Valentine's Day 2001, his publicist made the decision to inform the media. She acknowledged that Puff Daddy had ended his relationship with "his love," and she pleaded with the media to respect the rapper's privacy.

A lot of drama.jpg?format=webp@J.Lo Reveals How Diddy's Love For Men DESTROYED Their Relationship/Trendy Vert/

Distinguished career

Combs changed his name to P.Diddy in 2005. He has had a distinguished career in music and acting, winning three Grammy Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards. He is now preoccupied with filming the upcoming MTV season of Making The Band.

With his longtime partner of 11 years, singer and dancer Cassie Ventura, Diddy called it quits. He is concentrating on being a great father and encouraging his children in their aspirations. He has six children, including twins.

Distinguished Career.jpg?format=webp@J.Lo Reveals How Diddy's Love For Men DESTROYED Their Relationship/Trendy Vert/

Cris Judd

J.Lo started dating her former backup dancer Cris Judd after her romance with Combs ended. On the set of her Love Don't Cost a Thing music video in 2000, they initially caught one other's eyes.
The two fell in love quickly and got married in 2001. At first, everything seemed to be going smoothly, but when the honeymoon was over and Judd had to start adjusting to J.Lo's demanding work schedule, cracks began to show.

Cris Judd.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd wedding/Jennifer Lopez Rewind/

Unbridgeable differences

The limelight around J.Lo was reportedly very difficult for Judd to absorb. After only nine months of marriage, their marriage swiftly fell apart, and they divorced in 2002 under the grounds of irreconcilable differences.

J.Lo has since commented that she was too young to understand what she was getting into when she married Judd. She needs a man who can match her energy because she is a strong lady. However, it appears from these pictures that the two weren't a good match because Lopez appears to be fairly reserved.

Unbridgeable Differences.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd wedding/Jennifer Lopez Rewind/

Just sending her best wishes

In a 2019 interview, Cris Judd stated that he and J.Lo don't communicate but added, "I just wish her the best." After the breakup, Judd established himself in the entertainment industry and has performed in movies including La La Land, Bringing Down The House, and Rock Of Ages.

Current projects for Judd include the second season of Mr. Iglesias and a revamp of the 1990s program All That for Nickelodeon and Netflix.

Just sending her best wishes.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd wedding/Jennifer Lopez Rewind/

Ben Affleck

In 2002, tabloid culture was thriving and everyone's life revolved around Bennifer. The A-List pair at the time, J.Lo and Ben Affleck, was frequently profiled in magazines.

Due to the growth of the internet, tabloid journalism and gossip columns were in high demand at this time period, and they were unable to ignore the couple. They were pursued around the nation by reporters looking for a story, and they were unable to eat anywhere without the media phoning.

Ben Affleck.jpg?format=webp@Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez’s Intv After 2003 Engagement/Access Hollywood/

Very distinctive ways of life

The pair of the early 2000s got engaged in 2003, caught up in the excitement. The increased media attention forced them to postpone the wedding, which they ultimately decided not to have.

J.Lo and Affleck led extremely dissimilar lives. She was very career-focused in the early 2000s, whereas he was a party boy who was inclined to substance abuse because it runs in his family. After canceling the wedding, their differences grew increasingly obvious, and they eventually split up amicably.

Very Distinctive Ways of Life.jpg?format=webp@Ben Affleck Talks J.Lo in "Gigli" Throwback: Live From E! Rewind | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows/E! Insider/

He discovered peace

Affleck later rose to fame as one of the most well-known actors in the world, appearing in more than 50 films, including Argo, Pearl Harbor, and Good Will Hunting. After 13 years of marriage, he divorced the actress Jennifer Garner in 2018.

Affleck sought treatment in 2017 after struggling with alcohol use issues throughout his 20s and 30s. He now advocates for sobriety and finds calm in his charitable and humanitarian activity as well as a less demanding schedule.

He Discovered Peace.jpg?format=webp@Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Reveal Their First Impressions of Each Other | First Thing With | ELLE/ELLE/

Marc Anthony

On the set of the music video shoot for J.Lo's 1999 song No Me Ames, they became friends. He allegedly told her for the first time, "One day you're going to be my wife." They were married in Beverly Hills in 2004 as a result of Anthony's wish.

J.Lo and Anthony co-headlined a tour in 2007 as a way to advance their careers. They welcomed a boy and a girl into the world in 2008, and the family portrait that was done soon after became the most expensive celebrity portrait ever!

Marc Anthony.jpg?format=webp@JLo and Marc Anthony on the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards red carpet | GRAMMYs/Recording Academy / GRAMMYs/

Any woman can feel compassion

At first, J.Lo and Marc Anthony's marriage seemed to be doing well, but their demanding touring schedules soon began to strain it. J.Lo said, "Once I completed the tour. Any woman can relate to my want to simply end it. A lot of it. I was prepared to simply sit.

Their eventual breakup was caused by the fact that it appeared Marc wasn't available as frequently as J.Lo required. These days, they get along well, and they make sure the twins periodically get to see them all together.

Any Woman Can Feel Compassion.jpg?format=webp@From LOVERS To Friends: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's Love Story | Rumour Juice/Rumour Juice/

Having bad love luck

Unfortunately, Lopez and Anthony's marriage did not last, and they divorced in July 2011. Lopez still has primary physical custody of the couple's two children. Marc Anthony has an extremely successful singing career and has sold out venues all around the world. He currently owns the Guinness World Record for both the most number-one albums on the Billboard Tropical Albums year-end rankings and the best-selling tropical/salsa musician.

Unfortunately, Anthony's love life has thus far been unlucky as seen by his 2017 divorce from his fourth wife, model Shannon de Lima.

Having Bad Love Luck.jpg?format=webp@Romeo Santos - Yo También (Official Video) ft. Marc Anthony/Romeo Santos/

Jason Statham

After she and Marc Anthony divorced, Jennifer Lopez caught the attention of Hollywood, and it was said that she had found a successor in Jason Statham. While filming the horror movie Parker, J.Lo and the gruff British actor were frequently spotted getting close at restaurants all over Florida.

Jason Statham, who was formally seeing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, quickly shot off the reports, insisting that their relationship was completely professional, despite J.Lo's exclamations to the effect that she adored his accent.

Jason Statham.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez & Jason Statham talks 'Parker' Movie, Idol & Gun Control (HD)/ JLoGreece4/

On friendly terms

Only because of his almost ten-year relationship with model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will we excuse Jason Statham for not pursuing the amazing J.Lo. In 2017, the couple welcomed a sweet child together.

Jason has been quite busy lately, acting in a ton of exciting action and thriller films, most of which he performs his own stunts in. He and J.Lo occasionally cross paths at award shows, and they always seem to get along well.

On Friendly Terms.jpg?format=webp@The Expendables - Jason Statham Fight Scene HD/OutlineHD/

Bradley Cooper

J.Lo was caught out on a date with actor Bradley Cooper at the Manhattan restaurant Per Se shortly after getting divorced from Marc Anthony, however she insisted that this was entirely for work. Additionally, the two were spotted sitting together in the front row at Tommy Hilfiger's New York Fashion Week show.

They do look great together, but it seems like J.Lo wasn't ready for a romance because she was preoccupied with taking care of her tremendously successful acting and music careers in addition to caring for the twins.

Bradley Cooper.jpg?format=webp@Bradley Cooper Girlfriend/You Should Know/

Only a brief flirtation

When J.Lo and Bradley Cooper were caught together once more, this time as he drove her to a lunch date, the media had a field day. They both initially try to hide their faces from the cameras, but Bradley eventually gives up and appears rather pleased to have been photographed with the singer.

J.Lo made it clear that she didn't want to be photographed with him, which would indicate that for her, it was merely a brief fling. They weren't seen together again after this.

Only A Brief Flirtation.jpg?format=webp@Bradley Cooper Girlfriend/You Should Know/

Rodrigo Santoro

Jennifer Lopez was seen getting close to Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, which set off new rumors. In the 2012 movie What To Expect When You're Expecting, the two co-starred. Santoro stated at the time, Chemistry occurs. We could relate to each other just by virtue of our shared Latin heritage.

Santoro and J.Lo haven't confirmed or denied their relationship, but if they did get together, it was probably just a passing fling.

Rodrigo Santoro.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro HD Interview/ST Media/

PDAs in excess!

Kirk Jones reportedly had to remind J.Lo and Rodrigo Santoro to refrain from touching each other while they were filming What To Expect When You're Expecting, according to the Huffington Post. 

It's likely that J.Lo was just allowing herself some harmless flirtation (with a very eager co-conspirator!) before moving on to looking for her next committed relationship as the movie was shot only a few months after J.Lo's breakup with Marc Anthony.

PDAs in excess!.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro HD Interview/ST Media/

Casper Smart

In 2011, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, one of her backup dancers, began dating. She was 18 years older than him, which was quite disparaging to the media, but the couple proved them wrong by dating for more than 5 years.

When their relationship naturally ended, the two said their final goodbyes. It wasn't anything dramatic, and they were friendly, a source told People. They still see each other and are friends, but they are not a couple.

Casper Smart.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart/SuperCouples/

Together every day

It appears that J.Lo and Casper Smart's attraction started off as simple flirting but quickly developed into more once they found they were compatible. They rapidly became daily companions, and he soon began to accompany J.Lo on red carpets.

With regard to experience, Smart reflected on their connection by stating that "none of us anticipated it would be more than a nice time. But right then, everything just made sense.

Togetherness Every Day.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart/SuperCouples/

Allegations of cheating

Casper Smart, has discovered love in a new union with Bre Tiesi, Johnny Manziel's ex-wife. Early in 2020, the pair posted pictures of themselves online and appeared to be completely at ease. Smart, who resides in California, has concentrated on a career in television.

According to recent reports, J.Lo ended her engagement with Smart due to charges of adultery. If that's the case, then lady done good! J.Lo deserves a man who can treat her correctly.

Allegations of cheating.jpg?format=webp@Casper Smart: Cheating on Jennifer Lopez with Sofia Vissa? - The Buzz/SheKnows/

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Here's a romance that J.Lo made no attempt to conceal! A sensual liaison with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, one of her dancers. In 2013, Maksim danced with her at the AMAs, and they were frequently photographed looking flirtatious and cuddling.

However, J.Lo clarified the situation in a radio broadcast by adding, "Listen, I'm good right now. Let's assume we recently ended a relationship; alone time and introspection are necessary. Yes, lady. You are you!

Maksim Chmerkovskiy.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez Rebounds with DWTS' Maksim Chmerkovskiy?/Clevver News/

Amazingly cute together

After he attended one of her performances in the same city, J.Lo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were spotted together once more at Connecticut's The Shrine nightclub at the end of June 2014. They looked very at ease. The pair were'super sweet' at J.Lo's 45th birthday celebration in the Hamptons that same month, when Maksim was present.

It's important to note that they have never admitted in public if they were more than just friends, but J.Lo would soon find her perfect match!

Amazingly Cute Together.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez Rebounds with DWTS' Maksim Chmerkovskiy?/Clevver News/

Dancing With The Stars

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, a dancer from Ukraine, is a fantastic Latin dancer, so it seems sense that he would find his ideal partner in another dancer. He became friends with New Zealand-born American performer Peta Jane Murgatroyd when they both competed on Dancing With The Stars; they later got married in 2017.

Shai Aleksander is the name of the son of Maksim and Peta, who also continue to dance professionally while making waves in theater, choreography, and appearances on Netflix series.

Dancing With The Stars.jpg?format=webp@Inside Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s Fairytale Wedding/Global Hot Trends Today/

Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham

The quintessential "are they, aren't they?" pair of 2016 was Drake and J.Lo. Everything began when Drake was caught on camera swooning over Jen's attire at the Grammy Awards. At her concerts, he was seen hanging around backstage, and the selfies they took became become internet sensations.

According to a person who spoke to People in 2018, "It was never very serious." The two singers "had fun together" and reportedly enjoy each other, although it was only a brief relationship. When Drake sang Hotline Bling, perhaps he was alluding to J.Lo.

Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham.jpg?format=webp@Rihanna Shades Jennifer Lopez over Drake Romance on Twitter/Hollyscoop/

Super boy

Despite dating Rihanna for eight years, Drake was unable to sustain a relationship with the singer. With his former girlfriend, the French artist Sophie Brussaux, he had a child in 2017, but the relationship didn't endure.

Drake's profession is stuffed with enough intriguing tasks to keep his focus off relationships even though his relationships have fizzled. In addition to producing the most current season of the highly regarded TV show Top Boy for Netflix, he regularly sells out performances around the world.

Super Boy.jpg?format=webp@Drake - When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle/Drake/

Chris Brown

Chris Brown wasn't hesitant about his intense affection on Jennifer Lopez in 2017 either. I actually went to the house to write the songs, he claimed in a radio interview with Angie Martinez. I'm in business concentrate mode, but all you have to do is gaze at her and make heart eyes. You appear fine! Stop!”

By this time, J.Lo and A-Rod were already involved in a passionate relationship, but it was reported that she found Chris Brown's remarks to be quite complimentary.

Chris Brown.jpg?format=webp@Jlo and Chris Brown #shorts #jenniferlopez #chrisbrown #youtube #trending/Jlo.tp46/

Steamy stuff

It's adorable that Chris Brown has a crush on J.Lo. The singer claimed that when they first met, he found it difficult to speak to J.Lo. It sounded like an actual teen crush!

Hey, look, I think I tensed up a little bit when I was at the little show," Chris stated. I was alarmed since there were so many people there. My palms were perspiring. Hi, I said. But I want you because I like you. Steamy stuff!

Steamy Stuff.jpg?format=webp@dailymail/23 March 2013

Most successful artists

There is no need to introduce Chris Brown; with over 100 million records sold globally, he is one of the most successful musicians of all time. In recent times, Brown has expanded his apparel business and started working as the street artist Konfused.

Sadly, he hasn't yet met the woman with whom he can share his achievement. We can only hope he has moved on from J.Lo, who is smitten with A-Rod and appears to be happier than ever!

Most successful artists.jpg?format=webp@Chris Brown - Under The Influence (Official Video)/ Chris Brown/

Armando Christian Pérez AKA Pitbull

Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez have undoubtedly shared some passionate moments while playing together on stage and in music videos, but people shouldn't assume the worst. Both of them maintain that their relationship is entirely platonic and that the only time they get physical is during performances.

Pitbull frequently refers to J-Lo as his 'angel' in interviews, despite the fact that they are actually very close pals behind the scenes. He seems to be a puppy in heart, despite having a pitbull name.

Armando Christian Pérez AKA Pitbull.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - Medley Live @ Premios Juventud 2013 07 18/Alians Max/

She is absolutely beautiful

Pitbull is glad to praise J.Lo and claims to be one of her biggest fans. He once stated, “She is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, powerful, sophisticated, militant, diligent, and a hard worker and that is why Jennifer is Jennifer.”

They may have wanted to maintain their artistic integrity while still being able to work together, which is why their bawdy friendship never turned into a committed relationship. They've continued to release excellent music together because of that approach!

She Is Absolutely Beautiful.jpg?format=webp@The BEST MOMENTS in World Cup opening ceremonies! 🎤🎵/FIFA/

Cristiano Ronaldo

Since the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo attended J.Lo's birthday celebration in Las Vegas in 2016, they have been intertwined. According to reports, they are quite close, which made some wonder if they were more than just buddies.

Although he claimed he loved spending time with the artist, Ronaldo appears to have dismissed the reports. She also asked him to surprise her cousin, a die-hard soccer fan, during her birthday celebration. A famous buddy is a good friend.

Cristiano Ronaldo.jpg?format=webp@JLO Meets Cristiano Ronaldo On Tour In Madrid | Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again/DocBusters/

Alex Rodriguez

When J.Lo was dating Marc Anthony in 2005, they had a chance encounter with baseball legend Alex Rodriguez, sometimes known as A-Rod, but they didn't get back in touch until they ran into each other at a restaurant in 2017. The rest is now in the past!

A-Rod professed his admiration for J.Lo as "an amazing woman" and "an incredible mother," and the two immediately fell in love. When they began posting pictures of their children playing together in 2017, the world realized it was a serious situation. Ring any wedding bells?

Alex Rodriguez.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Answer 17 Questions in 128 Seconds | Vanity Fair/Vanity Fair/

Them at their best

The relationship between J.Lo and A-Rod has been ideal and is everything J.Lo deserves. Their soles were on the couch while they were watching a baseball game in her first cryptic message to him. Then came their very first date at the Met Gala and their romantic getaway to France. They appeared to be holding back their finest selves for one another.

Fans of J.Lo swooned and predicted marriage when she penned, “ make me feel like a teenager all over again.”

Them at Their Best.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Lopez’s Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez ✪ 2018/Gym4u/

A request befitting a queen

When A-Rod and J.Lo announced their engagement in March 2019, their fans were ecstatic. On a beach in the Bahamas as dusk fell, A-Rod proposed in a way befitting the queen that is Jennifer Lopez!

Celebrities from all across the world wished them well. The engagement ceremony took place in 2019.

A Request Befitting a Queen.jpg?format=webp@MY INCREDIBLE YEAR | REMEMBERING 2019/Alex Rodriguez/

There will be no wedding

In 2021, Jennifer broke off her engagement with baseball player Alex Rodriguez, with whom she had been together for four years, and rumors about Bennifer's reunion immediately appeared on the network - the singer maintained a friendship with her ex-fiancé all this time.

Depositphotos_274657098_L (1).jpg?format=webp


And again, as 19 years ago, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met, remaining without a relationship. In early May, Ben and Jay went on vacation together to a ski resort in Montana. At the airport, at the exit from a private plane, paparazzi photographed celebrities holding hands.

The Network immediately started talking about the reunion of one of the most beautiful and bright couples of the early 2000s. According to insiders, the mini-vacation awakened former feelings in the ex-lovers, and their relationship is developing very rapidly.

Depositphotos_648319812_XL (2).jpg?format=webp


And so, a year after the reunion, Ben and Jennifer got married - without a magnificent celebration and a crowd of guests, in a small chapel in Las Vegas, standing in line for registration. Even without a mind-blowing dress: although the bride had two of them, both were quite laconic.