These Things That Evoke Nostalgia Are Lost To Modern Children Forever

11 Apr 2024

Today's children have so much – cool gadgets, online textbooks, and many other benefits of modernity! However, in the past, when none of this existed, kids found joy in simple things and were incredibly happy because of it. There are things that modern children will never know about, but will evoke incredible nostalgia in adults! We think that after reading this article, you'll definitely feel the desire to go back to childhood, even if just for a day! 

Going to the movie store

Today, children can watch their favorite cartoons simply by going online, but in the 90s, the younger generation had no such luxury! That's why many kids would persuade their parents to go to the store with video cassettes where they could choose cartoons to their liking. 

Going to the movie store.jpg?format=webp@90s/

Of course, children would often rewatch the same cartoon several times, and over time, they would exchange cassettes with friends!

Asking your parents to play your favorite CD in the car

If today, during a car trip, you can simply connect a song from your smartphone via Bluetooth or listen to the radio, then earlier neither children nor adults had such an opportunity. 

Asking your parents to play your favorite CD in the car.jpg?format=webp@Eightowenone/

 That's why CDs came into play - many children collected them and enjoyed it when their parents played songs by their favorite artists in the car during a journey.

Playing on the Kids Carpet Playmat Rug

If you're a child from the 90s, you definitely remember this rug! It was found in many daycare centers and schools. Children enjoyed sitting on it, playing, and driving toy cars along its roads. 

Playing on the Kids Carpet Playmat Rug.jpg?format=webp@b_Ro/

Such a rug greatly stimulated imagination! Of course, modern children wouldn't be impressed by it nowadays.

Collect as many Pokémon pogs as possible

Well, at this point, a wave of nostalgia has surely hit you, hasn't it? Back in the days without smartphones and the internet, children loved to play not only outdoor games but also, for example, with these pogs! The series featuring Pokémon was especially popular. 

Collect as many Pokémon pogs as possible.jpg?format=webp@Rosco_1986/

Children from the 90s collected these pogs, played with them, and even traded them for something else. The bigger your collection of pogs, the cooler you were!

Collecting stickers, even from lollipops!

Children of the 90s didn't have as many entertainment options, but many of them could have much more fun than modern kids! They did all sorts of things - and most of the entertainment was almost free. 

Collecting stickers, even from lollipops!.jpg?format=webp@Linsyurg/

For example, many loved collecting stickers. Moreover, it wasn't necessary to buy them - you could simply get a lollipop with a sticker as a gift! 

Rushing home to watch your favorite cartoon!

The ability to watch any cartoon at any convenient time actually appeared not so long ago - only with the emergence of YouTube and other similar websites. 

Rushing home to watch your favorite cartoon!.jpg?format=webp@MrDavidsArt/

Before that, children memorized the TV schedule by heart and precisely remembered the time when their favorite cartoon series would be shown on TV. Of course, this motivated them to hurry home!

Spending hours looking at Magic Eye Books!

If you're a child of the 90s or 2000s, you definitely remember this cool thing! It could be bought separately or found on the back cover of school notebooks. The instructions for use were simple - you just had to hold the image close to your eyes for a few seconds and then slowly move it away. 


As a result, you could see a real picture in this abstract image at first glance - for example, an animal or something else!

Putting on a "No Fear" t-shirt and feeling like the coolest guy!

In the 90s, kids, like always, wanted to look cool! T-shirts like this were popular. The inscription seemed to suggest to whoever wore it that you were the bravest person on the planet! 

Putting on a @downadarkallie/

Of course, there were also t-shirts with other inscriptions in fashion, but this one was one of the most popular.

Have fun in class not with a smartphone, but with Squiggle Wiggle pens! 

So, who remembers these pens? It seemed like such a brilliant idea - multiple colors in one pen, just switch them up! They looked cool, but that's where the benefits ended.  

Having fun in class not with a smartphone, but with Squiggle Wiggle pens! .jpg?format=webp@fulltrottle3814/

These “magic” pens were awkward and usually wrote poorly, but kids didn't seem to mind. They were thrilled!

Dreaming of a Rainbow Bright kitchen and then persuading your parents to get it for you as a gift!

Almost every girl in the 90s dreamed of such a kitchen! And it looks so cool that even boys wouldn't mind playing with it. 

Dreaming of a Rainbow Bright kitchen and then persuading your parents to get it for you as a gift!.jpg?format=webp@IamaGirlNamedAshley/

Of course, such large toys weren't cheap, but on some big holiday, some girls still managed to get their hands on such beauty!

Waiting for the weekend to play at the McDonald's playground

Agree - nowadays McDonald's looks more subdued, but in the 90s and 2000s, they were a real paradise for kids! 

Waiting for the weekend to play at the McDonald's playground.jpg?format=webp@IlovePublicLibraries/

Even some adults wanted to ride the slide at McDonald's because it was fun and very unusual! Unfortunately, McDonald's is not always as fun now.

Happy Meal toys were much cooler than they are today!

In the 90s, the Happy Meal toys were thought out to the smallest detail - separate collections were created. And the toys themselves were of very high quality and unusual. Often, children went to McDonald's not just for a cheeseburger, but for a Happy Meal toy! 

Happy Meal toys were much cooler than they are today!.jpg?format=webp@marketplace/

Today, it's hard to impress children with toys at McDonald's - they are much simpler, and not many dream about them anymore.

Feeling like the coolest kid in class when you had Crayola instead of regular pencils

Many children dreamed of Crayola pencils! They were very convenient to draw with, there were many cool colors, and when they released a series with scented pencils, it was just wow! 

Feeling like the coolest kid in class when you had Crayola instead of regular pencils.jpg?format=webp@Enigmagik/

However, they were more expensive than regular pencils and not every child had them. But today, such things don't surprise anyone anymore; children compare smartphones, not pencils.

You had to wake up early to feed your Tamagotchi! 

These little toys brought so much happiness! They were called "virtual pets" that needed to be taken care of. The children were just thrilled with them! 

You had to wake up early to feed your Tamagotchi! .jpg?format=webp@ACH0N3y/

These toys were not only interesting but also visually very bright and cute. Looking at them evokes a lot of nostalgia!

Inviting friends over and sitting on inflatable furniture

Who in their childhood would be interested in ordinary furniture, no matter how high-quality it was? Indeed, it's hard to find such children! And a completely different matter is this inflatable furniture! 

Inviting friends over and sitting on inflatable furniture.jpg?format=webp@Letusbeone/

Sitting on it was a pleasure - soft, cool, and unusual! I wanted to quickly invite all my friends over to show off this furniture!

Sometimes the school library was a real paradise! 

Remember those shelves of books and the crackling of the old computer monitor? You can close your eyes for a moment and mentally transport yourself back to that wonderful time! 

Sometimes the school library was a real paradise! .jpg?format=webp@ILovePublicLibraries/

The school library was especially enticing because some computers had games loaded on them - of course, it was hard to resist and just walk by!

Spending hours waiting for the favorite song to download, only to catch... a virus!

In the not-so-distant past of the 80s and 90s, the concept of downloading songs was an exciting yet precarious endeavor for children eager to enjoy their music playlists.  

Spending hours waiting for the favorite song to download, only to catch... a virus!.jpg?format=webp@PooPb0i56 /

Each download was an exercise in patience, as the process often involved waiting for hours while the data trickled in bit by bit. Moreover, often everything ended up quite sadly, and instead of a song, a virus would end up on the computer!

Remember phone numbers were a challenging but interesting task!

Back in the day, children had to remember phone numbers by heart. There were no smartphones or contact lists to rely on. Instead, kids had to memorize important phone numbers, such as those of their parents, grandparents, friends, and other family members. 

Remember phone numbers were a challenging but interesting task!.jpg?format=webp

This meant repeating the numbers over and over again until they were firmly ingrained in memory.  This ability to remember phone numbers was not only a practical skill but also a form of mental exercise for children, helping them develop memory and recall abilities.

Building a "castle" out of twigs

In the time before smartphones and video games, children found joy and excitement in the simplest of activities. One such cherished pastime was building tree forts with friends in the woods or backyard. These makeshift structures, constructed from branches and imagination, provided endless hours of fun and adventure. 

Building a

Armed with nothing but enthusiasm and creativity, would scout for the perfect location to build their "fortress" and the most interesting began!

The children's colored stamps made a sensation!

Stamps could be placed not only on paper but also on the body! These colorful stamps were the dream of almost every child! They came in various shapes and colors.

The children's colored stamps made a sensation!.jpg?format=webp

Children came up with all sorts of things to do with them - they played at being adult business people, supposedly stamping "documents," played as train conductors, and even made themselves temporary "tattoos" like this!

The brighter the makeup and the pinker the cheeks, the cooler it was! 

Of course, nowadays, girls sometimes sneak into their mom's makeup stash when she's not looking, but it's much less common because there's a lot of specially made kids' cosmetics available today. However, in the past, girls constantly adorned themselves with bright makeup from their mom's or grandma's vanity. 

The brighter the makeup and the pinker the cheeks, the cooler it was! .jpg?format=webp

 Of course, many of them focused on painting their lips and rosy cheeks. For some reason, girls thought this was the epitome of beauty!

Encyclopedias instead of the Internet

In our digital age, where answers to any question are just a few mouse clicks away, it's hard to imagine that once upon a time, children had to turn to thick volumes of encyclopedias to find answers to their curious questions. Yes, those encyclopedias, those books filled with a wealth of information on various subjects, which could be found on library shelves and at home.

Encyclopedias instead of the Internet.jpg?format=webp

Searching for information in encyclopedias was a true art: first, you had to find the right volume, and then carefully study the articles to find the answer to your question. 

Lifting the phone receiver to disrupt family members from using the internet!

It's no secret that in the past, it was impossible to simultaneously use both the phone and the internet. Mischievous children sometimes resorted to this tactic to even blackmail their parents, for example, when they refused to buy them something. 

Lifting the phone receiver to disrupt family members from using the internet!.jpg?format=webp

While the parent was browsing the internet, the child would start using the phone, causing the internet connection to be interrupted. Now that's ingenuity!

Cards on the computer as one of the coolest pastimes out there

Kids loved playing card games on the computer! Back in the day, before the explosion of online multiplayer games, computer card games were all the rage among kids. Whether it was classic solitaire, poker, or even more elaborate card-based adventures, these games provided hours of entertainment. 

Cards on the computer as one of the coolest pastimes out there.jpg?format=webp@AstroSlytherin/ 

Plus, there was something satisfying about the sound of cards being shuffled virtually and the excitement of winning against the computer or friends. So, if you were a kid in the '90s or early 2000s, chances are you spent some quality time playing card games on your computer!

Using a pencil to wind mix tapes back

It was a necessary part of the music experience in the '80s and '90s! Before CDs and digital playlists, cassette tapes were the go-to method for sharing and enjoying music. However, if your tape got tangled or jammed, the trusty pencil came to the rescue. 

Using a pencil to wind mix tapes back.jpg?format=webp@Luc4_Blight/

By inserting the pencil into the tape's spools and carefully winding it back, you could fix the issue and get back to listening to your favorite tunes. It was a simple yet effective trick that every cassette tape aficionado knew well. Now it adds a nostalgic charm!

Taking a call while unsure of who is calling

Back then, when the phone rang, you had to make a split-second decision whether to answer or let it go to voicemail. Sometimes, curiosity got the better of us, and we would pick up the phone, hoping it was a friend or family member on the other end. 

Taking a call while unsure of who is calling.jpg?format=webp

However, there was always the risk of it being a telemarketer, a wrong number, or someone you'd rather not talk to. Despite the uncertainty, it added an element of surprise to every phone call and kept things interesting in an age before instant communication became the norm.

The excitement of sharing secrets and more!

Passing handwritten notes was a covert and often thrilling way for classmates to communicate, especially when it came to confessions of love or other personal matters. 

The excitement of sharing secrets and more!.jpg?format=webp@1MongkiSailor/

These notes would be discreetly passed from desk to desk during class, adding an element of excitement and secrecy to the interaction. And what a joy it was to get a note from a classmate you were in love with!

Chess instead of gaming consoles!

Playing chess and other games in libraries was a common pastime, enjoyed not only by geeks but also by cool guys. It wasn't uncommon to see groups of friends gathered around a table, engrossed in a game of strategy during their free time.

Chess instead of gaming consoles!.jpg?format=webp@20 Things From The 1960s, Kids Today Will Never Understand!/America Before/

Looking at this photo fills us with nostalgia! It's cool that back then kids found it more enjoyable to spend time with each other rather than just with a gaming console.

Living in a rainbow room

Brightly colored children's rooms, especially those with rainbows, used to be trendy. It felt like living in a real fairy tale! 

Living in a rainbow room.jpg?format=webp@20 Things From The 1960s, Kids Today Will Never Understand!/America Before/

Of course, such a design was expensive and not accessible to everyone, but some children were lucky enough to live in such an interior! Today, calmer designs are in fashion, although children are unlikely to like it.

Celebrating a birthday at McDonald's was every child's dream!

Today, McDonald's doesn't surprise anyone anymore, but about 20 years ago, celebrating your birthday there seemed like a real luxury to children! 

Celebrating a birthday at McDonald's was every child's dream!.jpg?format=webp@13 Things from the 1980s, Kids Today Will Never Understand!/Recollection Road/

Today, this trend has long passed, and children are no longer amazed by it. But back in the 2000s, it was a real celebration of life! It was delicious, fun, and very memorable! 

Listening to an interesting lecture from the police

Modern children are not impressed by this, and in general, it is rare for police officers to conduct lessons in schools nowadays. However, in the past, such lessons were very enjoyable for children! They found them interesting and informative.  

Listening to an interesting lecture from the police.jpg?format=webp@13 Things from the 1980s, Kids Today Will Never Understand!/Recollection Road/

Moreover, it was good that schoolchildren were provided with a lot of important information on personal safety, the dangers of drugs, and similar topics during such lessons. 

Adventures in arcade gaming

Remember the thrill of stepping into an arcade, pockets jingling with quarters, eyes wide with excitement? For teenagers growing up in the 80s and 90s, spending time at the local arcade was a cherished pastime that offered a unique blend of social interaction and adrenaline-pumping gaming.

Adventures in arcade gaming.jpg?format=webp@13 Things from the 1980s, Kids Today Will Never Understand!/Recollection Road/

In those pre-internet days, arcades were bustling hubs of entertainment, filled with rows of colorful and flashing machines beckoning players to test their skills and reflexes. From classic titles like Pac-Man and Space Invaders to cutting-edge fighting games and racing simulators, arcades had something for everyone. 

Creating super bright family looks

Step into the vibrant world of fashion from decades past, where families embraced bold colors and eye-catching styles like never before. Parents and children alike embraced the colorful palette of the 80s and 90s, turning heads with their coordinated ensembles and fearless fashion choices. 

Creating super bright family looks.jpg?format=webp@HISTORY in COLOR: The 1980s/The Ultimate Fashion History/

From head-turning sweaters adorned with geometric shapes to neon windbreakers that practically glowed in the dark, there was no shortage of statement pieces to express individuality and creativity.

Preparing for a fancy school photo shoot

The goal was simple: to stand out in the sea of snapshots with a look that screamed "fashion-forward." For many students, preparing for the annual yearbook photo session was a rite of passage—an opportunity to showcase their personal style and leave a lasting impression. 

Preparing for a fancy school photo shoot.jpg?format=webp@March 14, 2017 / 

And when it came to crafting the perfect look, there were no limits to the creativity and flair that students brought to the table. 

Enjoying Crystal Pepsi even though it tasted like regular Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi made its debut on store shelves in 1992, promising consumers a clear water experience unlike anything they had tasted before. However, just a few short years after its introduction, Crystal Pepsi mysteriously vanished from the market, leaving behind a legacy of intrigue and nostalgia.

Enjoying Crystal Pepsi even though it tasted like regular Pepsi.jpg?format=webp@damagedgoodz99824/

What made Crystal Pepsi so captivating was its unique concept—a cola without the caramel coloring that typically gives cola its signature hue. Today, Crystal Pepsi has taken on a new role—as a highly sought-after collector's item. Bottles of the elusive beverage can fetch prices upwards of $8,000 on online auction sites like eBay. 

Kids today will never know how valuable an empty shoe box was for holding your photos

For those who grew up before the digital revolution, the shoe box served as much more than just a container for footwear. It was a portal to the past, a repository of cherished memories captured on film. 

Kids today will never know how valuable an empty shoe box was for holding your photos.jpg?format=webp@February 12, 2018/ 

Every photo carefully tucked away inside told a story—a family vacation, a birthday celebration, a school dance—each snapshot a tangible reminder of moments that would otherwise fade with time. 

Taking a ton of photos, and having to wait a week to find out they were useless

The frustration of failed film photography is a shared experience among those who grew up earlier. One common scenario was the excitement of capturing a special moment, only to realize later that the photo was out of focus or poorly framed. 

Taking a ton of photos, and having to wait a week to find out they were useless.jpg?format=webp@ThatEricAlper/

The anticipation of seeing the developed film, followed by the disappointment of discovering the flaws, was a bittersweet experience that many can relate to. Each roll of film was a precious commodity, and wasting it on subpar shots felt like a missed opportunity.

Children of today will never understand the difficulty of refolding a route map

In the pre-GPS era, family road trips were often accompanied by a trusty companion: the paper map. While adults grappled with steering the wheel and deciphering directions, children eagerly took on the role of co-pilots, wielding paper maps with a sense of authority and adventure.

Children of today will never understand the difficulty of refolding a route map.jpg?format=webp@07.23.2011/

Children became invaluable assistants to their parents, eagerly scanning the map and offering navigational insights. Armed with a keen sense of direction (or at least the illusion of one), kids eagerly pointed out landmarks, upcoming exits, and detours, all while soaking in the excitement of the journey.

Long-awaited Visit with Mom to Blockbuster to rent a movie

There was a time when a trip to the local Blockbuster with Mom was an event to be savored. The anticipation would build as you scanned the aisles, searching for the perfect movie to rent. But then, just as you finally settled on the one you wanted, disappointment struck—all copies were already rented out.

Long-awaited Visit with Mom to Blockbuster to rent a movie.jpg?format=webp@AdrianFerrand2/

Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, the magic happened. The clerk, with a knowing smile, disappeared into the back room, emerging triumphantly with a single copy of your desired movie, rescued from the pile of returns!

Finding a favorite song was a quest!

Yet, amidst the joy of endless playlists, there lurked a common frustration: the lack of a CTRL+F-style search function. For those with extensive music libraries, finding a specific song on their iPod was a real quest. 

Finding a favorite song was a quest!.jpg?format=webp@chaotic-kotik/ 

Imagine scrolling through countless artists, albums, and tracks, all in pursuit of that one elusive tune. It was a digital hunt, testing patience and perseverance in equal measure!

Trying to fix the TV so you can keep watching your favorite cartoon

You're cozied up on the couch, popcorn in hand, ready to indulge in your favorite cartoons, when suddenly... darkness descends upon the screen. The signal is lost. Do you recall these moments? Some children opted for the classic solution: a swift yet hopeful slap on the TV set, as if coaxing it back to life with a gentle reminder of its duty. 

Trying to fix the TV so you can keep watching your favorite cartoon.jpg?format=webp@RocketJelly/ 

Others, more technically inclined, embarked on a journey of antenna readjustment, rotating and tilting until the elusive signal returned. In the end, whether through trial and error or sheer luck, the signal often returned, much to the relief of viewers young and old!

Strolling with a CD Walkman

In the days of portable music, there existed a beloved companion known as the CD Walkman. Many children liked it so much! Picture this: you're leisurely strolling down the street, headphones snugly in place, and in your hand, a sleek and stylish CD Walkman. Ah, the epitome of '90s coolness!

Strolling with a CD Walkman.jpg?format=webp@KillBoosh/ 

And oh, the joy of selecting the perfect CD to accompany your journey! Whether it be the latest chart-topping hits or a cherished mixtape curated with care, each disc held the joy.

Keeping secrets was easier!

Before social media dominance, keeping secrets was a simpler affair! It was a world where parents couldn't peek into their social networks to read messages or check browsing history. It was a time when privacy was a little more... well, private. 

Keeping secrets was easier!.jpg?format=webp

Without the omnipresence of digital footprints and online oversharing, clandestine conversations and covert activities were easier to conceal. No worrying about parents stumbling upon chat logs or stumbling browsing histories that revealed more than intended. Your secrets remained safely tucked away in the recesses of your mind!

Enjoying stargazing in your own room!

Today, you can easily find videos on the internet showing what real stars and space look like, but in the past, such opportunities didn't exist. That's why space and stars seemed incredibly magical and unreachable to children. 

Enjoying stargazing in your own room!.jpg?format=webp@Low_Departure_5853/

Many wanted to turn their rooms into a piece of the cosmos by sticking these glow-in-the-dark stars on the walls and ceiling! It looked enchanting! 

Turning the house into a puppet theater!

The allure of puppet shows lay in their simplicity and accessibility. Instead of heading out to the movies or getting lost in video games, children would gather in their homes, transforming everyday objects into characters for their puppet theaters. 

Turning the house into a puppet theater!.jpg?format=webp@Nixx_Mazda/

There was something magical about these homemade performances. From makeshift stages crafted out of cardboard boxes to sock puppets brought to life with vibrant imaginations, the creativity knew no bounds. Every performance was a unique production, with storylines concocted on the spot and characters taking on lives of their own. 

Drawing a cell phone because parents didn't buy it!

In the not-so-distant past, children often resorted to drawing cell phones when their parents couldn't afford to buy them the real deal. These rudimentary sketches served as placeholders for the coveted device, allowing kids to imagine the possibilities of owning their own mobile device. 

Drawing a cell phone because parents didn't buy it!.jpg?format=webp

However, times have changed, and today, the landscape of childhood tech access looks vastly different. With the proliferation of technology and the decreasing costs of mobile devices, smartphones have become ubiquitous among children.

Collecting a collection of Kinder Surprise toys

In the 90s and 2000s, collecting Kinder Surprise toys was not just a hobby but a cherished pastime for many children. These tiny treasures hidden within chocolate eggs sparked excitement and anticipation with each unwrapping, and building a collection of these toys was considered the epitome of cool.

Collecting a collection of Kinder Surprise toys.jpg?format=webp@-DNV-/

Today, however, the landscape of toy collecting has shifted. While Kinder Surprise toys still hold a special place in the hearts of many, they no longer evoke the same level of awe and admiration they once did. With the advent of new and flashy toys flooding the market, Kinder Surprise toys have taken a backseat in the world of collectibles.

The frustration of recording your favorite song on a cassette tape

Back in the day, capturing that perfect song from the radio was a rite of passage for music lovers. Armed with a trusty cassette recorder, you'd wait patiently for your favorite tune to grace the airwaves. And when it finally came on, you'd spring into action, fingers poised over the record and play buttons, ready to capture every note.

The frustration of recording your favorite song on a cassette tape.jpg?format=webp@Salty-Photo-57/  

Ah, the struggles of recording your favorite song from the radio onto a cassette tape. It was an art form in itself, requiring precision, timing, and a fair bit of luck. But just when you thought you had it all figured out, the chatty DJ would swoop in and ruin everything.

The hula hoop craze

Remember the days when the air was filled with the rhythmic swish of hula hoops and the challenge of seeing who could keep them spinning the longest? The hula hoop craze was a defining moment of childhood for many, a simple yet exhilarating activity that brought joy and competition to playgrounds and backyards everywhere.

The hula hoop craze.jpg?format=webp@March 5, 2019/

Children found entertainment in the most unlikely places – including the humble hula hoop. With its colorful plastic design and hypnotic motion, the hula hoop quickly became a staple of playtime, offering endless hours of fun and excitement.

Rediscovering the joy of playground games

Today there's something truly special about reminiscing on the days when the best entertainment was found right outside our front doors. Back then, children didn't need fancy gadgets to have fun – all they needed was a group of friends and a willingness to let their imaginations run wild.

Rediscovering the joy of playground games.jpg? 

The playgrounds of yesteryear were bustling hubs of activity, alive with the sound of laughter and the excitement of children at play. From dawn until dusk, kids would flock to these outdoor oases to partake in a wide array of classic games, each one more beloved than the last.