Extraordinary Couples who Managed to Leave the Friend Zone Forever

03 Jul 2024

Love is not an easy thing, but it is very beautiful. It is not always the case that those who feel mutual love at first sight live their whole lives together. People often find happiness with those they have long considered only friends or just close people. In our article, you will find 50 couples who got married to their closest person.

1. A Loved One is There for You Always

Even old age is no reason to give up and stop trying new things. This couple has been used to challenging themselves all their lives, so it's no surprise that now the woman has decided to try her hand at skateboarding. But her beloved did not stand aside.

1. A Loved One is There for You Always.jpg?format=webp@diannabradbury/linkedin.com

As the most loyal friend and companion in life, he lent a helping hand and supported his beloved woman in her new hobby. It is a blessing to have someone by your side who will always understand you and support any of your endeavors.

2. On the Same Wave

Would you have thought of this together? If not, you definitely wouldn't have been friends before you decided to get married. This young couple is not afraid to be funny and laugh at each other. But the main thing is that the idea of one is picked up by the other. We think this couple knows how to do that.

2. On the Same Wave.jpg?format=webp@AstaPastaQueen/imgur.com

It's fantastic to understand each other's needs and desires and to be able to listen and find compromises. In a marriage, both people should feel comfortable, not just one. Otherwise, married life can fail and turn into coexistence. We are happy for these friends in love.

3. Let's Go for a Ride!

Once upon a time, this couple loved to ride together, either on a bicycle, skateboard, or rollerblades. Over the years, it became difficult for the woman to do so due to health problems. But the couple still found a way out of the situation. They simply realized that old age is no reason to be sad.

3. Let's Go for a Ride!.jpg?format=webp@LADbible/facebook.com

You need to nourish your lust for life no matter what. This is how love will live on for a long time and new memories and incentives for new adventures will appear. It all starts with desire and new ideas. This couple set a wonderful example of love for us all.

4. Read to the End, no Matter What

There is a play on words but this man went further and created a letter whose half shows the reality of his thoughts and feelings. While the first part of the letter is alarming and makes your loved one scared and confused. It is a very original and creative idea to create such a note.

4. Read to the End, no Matter What.jpg?format=webp@proudlyhumble/reddit.com

But it probably only makes us feel so confused, and the author's beloved woman already knows her husband and his sense of humor well. So, on the contrary, she will humorously react to such a message addressed to her and once again thank her beloved for his ability to cheer her up.

5. A Tale of Friendship Turned Love

Tom and Jerry's journey began in innocent childhood, their paths crossed at an age when the world was vast and full of wonder. They were neighbors, sharing backyards and school classrooms, building forts, and engaging in endless summer adventures. Their bond was instant and unbreakable, a constant in a world that was constantly changing.

5. A Tale of Friendship Turned Love.jpg?format=webp@Tattoos/baltapaprocki.com.br

Over time, the nature of Tom and Jerry's relationship began to change. The intimacy they shared, once purely platonic, turned into something deeper. Subtle glances and unspoken words hinted at emotions that neither of them could articulate at first. Their bond, built on years of trust and understanding, was turning into love.

6. Back in 1975

When these two were just friends and supported each other when one of them was having a hard time or had their heart broken. But later they realized that they were more than just friends and opened up to each other. They got married in 1975. Many things changed in their lives but not their love.

6. Back in 1975.jpg?format=webp@quadratini9/9gag.com

Many years later, when these two were already respectable grandparents, they recreated their crazy wedding photo on a motorcycle - and it was wow! They are still the same cool, handsome guys who are young at heart and have sparkle in their eyes. Love can live forever.

7. Minecraft Fans Found Each Other

This couple was brought together by one famous game - Minecraft. They played it for years, while life went on around them. One day, they realized that they were united not only by their love for the game but also by the love in their hearts. This made them feel even brighter.

7. Minecraft Fans Found Each Other.jpg?format=webp@hoeybug/x.com

Some people are introduced by friends, some by parents, and some by Minecraft. But the main thing is that the couple feels good together and has common topics for discussion, and it's not just about everyday life. Love is deep and it is important to take care of what surrounds us and gives us pleasure. Then we will flourish and those around us will flourish.

8. The Adidas Team

Looking at this couple, you realize that they were brought together by their love for Adidas, and it stretches back many years. Probably, the years have not only not changed their feelings, but also their passion for the brand. Now it is their personal highlight.

8. The Adidas Team.jpg?format=webp@9basti/9gag.com

Well, feelings manifest themselves in different ways and create different memories. This photo will probably keep lovers warm for many years to come because for them it is the birth and personification of love. And their acrobatic poses in the photo are an additional highlight to remember.

9. A Couple from Childhood

This park can be called unusual. Since childhood, they loved to fool around together, and when they grew up, they managed to keep this skill.  And they did a great job at it. This couple was absolutely created by the Lord: they are always on the same page.

9. A Couple from Childhood.jpg?format=webp@This Couple’s ‘Awkward’ Engagement Photos Are Everything/scarymommy.com

On the eve of their engagement, they asked the photographer to take "very intimate photos" that they would remember for years. You can see one of these "intimate" photos. It's just that these two haven't forgotten that they come from childhood.

10. They Found Each Other

A sense of humor is a surprisingly valuable thing, especially when both people in a couple have a flair for it. They are never sad and know how to laugh at each other and themselves. You can be sincerely happy for the couple in the photo.

10. They Found Each Other.jpg?format=webp@I’m with Dickhead and I’m with the Bitch Couple/isntthistshirtweird.com

Through the years, they have carried this wonderful character trait and boldly use it to this day. The T-shirts are great proof that this couple knows how to have fun together and is not at all shy about admitting that they still love the person they are holding hands with.

11. A Sport that Connects Hearts

This man and woman met during sailing lessons. Initially, they were united only by their interest in this sport, which they practiced professionally. They worked in different teams: she was in the women's team, and he was in the men's team.

11. A Sport that Connects Hearts.jpg?format=webp@‘It was smart to marry the competition’: meet the ‘power couples’ who work together/theguardian.com

But then hybrid competitions were allowed, in which both men and women were on the same team. Even then, our heroes developed feelings and decided to compete together. The tournament only strengthened their feelings and added spice to their relationship.

12. Who is Here?

The ability to think the same way unites people and makes them often look at the world in the same direction. Moreover, such people even share jokes and understand each other at a glance. This frequently happens at the first meeting.

12. Who is Here.jpg?format=webp@Keons_used_soul/reddit.com

People seem to feel each other and quickly find a common language, like the couple in the photo. Even at a respectable age, they do not lose their sense of humor and play pranks on their loved ones. However, there is a question: how did they manage to get into the washing machine together?

13. Happiness When You Are the Best for Your Man

This dialog shows the true feelings of two people in love. They boldly and sincerely share the joy of their lives and the details of their day. And no one judges anyone if someone just slept for half a day. Because every free person has the right to spend their time as they wish.

13. Happiness When You Are the Best for Your Man.jpg?format=webp@beststuffonvsco/vsco.co

Such moments demonstrate closeness and respect for your partner. And once again, they prove how important it is to be not only lovers in family life but also friends and conscious partners who consider each other and treat each other with care.

14. Game Couple

If you consciously want to spend time together instead of running away from home, going to friends, or elsewhere, it means that you are happy with the one you have chosen. Then you will find common hobbies and plenty of free time for the two of you. If your partner was constantly looking for excuses, it would be much worse.

14. Game Couple.jpg?format=webp@meanmachinery4/reddit.com

This would indicate that he is tired of you and simply cannot dare to tell you about it, or even admit it to himself. But this story is not about the couple in the photo. These two people from the pic having a great time playing playtime together, isolated from the rest of the world.

15. Not Like Everyone Else

The beautiful people on the right are the same people as those on the left. They're just not afraid to look strange and love to make faces at the camera together. They are a nice couple in every way, who are perfect for each other and know how to make the most of life.

15. Not Like Everyone Else.jpg?format=webp@xLulita/reddit.com

These playful jokes please them and make them stand out from the crowd. They choose a new day full of adventures and opportunities. Exploring new places is their passion. Every one of their photos is not just a snapshot but a whole story.

16. Who's in Charge in the Frame?

Girls love to take selfies in the mirror. Especially when they are happy with the result of their work in the gym. The boyfriend of the girl in the photo joined her and supported her in his own way. This is probably not their first image in this style.

16. Who's in Charge in the Frame.jpg?format=webp@javiermedina/lemon8-app.com

It is very likely that they have many more photos in their photo archive where also the girl is playing a trick on her boyfriend in the background. After all, what kind of a couple is it if they have nothing to laugh about? Love doesn't require sacrifice, it requires fun.

17. Freeze Frame

Do you remember swinging on a swing as a child and feeling free? Children's entertainment gives adults the same feeling - freedom from problems and troubles. It is also a way to feel young and playful again. All you need to do is let go and savor the now.

17. Freeze Frame.jpg?format=webp@MohammadAlwakeelshow/facebook.com

What better time to remember this than now? An adult couple probably used to have fun like this together, and now they've decided to recapture those feelings. This moment is really worth a freeze frame to set an example for their offspring in the future.

18. Lovers of Forbidden Pleasures

We've written before that people are united by common values and outlooks on life, and they can be different. This couple seems to be fond of S&M pleasures and isn't going to hide it, even in public. This is a common thing in their treasury of values that brought them closer together.

18. Lovers of Forbidden Pleasures.jpg?format=webp@pranita2546z/tumblr.com

Of course, everyone has the right to their own hobbies if it suits both partners. However, it does not have to be publicized, and not everyone needs to know what goes on behind closed bedroom doors of strangers. A touch of mystery in certain aspects of personal life won't harm anyone.

19. Love is in the Little Things

Have you ever noticed that people in love often like to wear similar things to stand out from the crowd? And it's very sweet. Some people prefer things that immediately catch the eye, while others prefer small details that only the attentive ones notice.

19. Love is in the Little Things.jpg?format=webp@mahikasaanvi/medium.com

The couple in the photo chose white socks with hearts. You must admit, it is surprisingly cute and beautiful. Socks warm your feet, and hearts warm your soul. Most likely, the woman initiated this choice, because girls love such cute things.

20. Together Since 1948

This couple has come a long way together. They met when they were young, perhaps during an evening dance or a summer walk. Their love was born in those distant times when everything was much simpler but no less meaningful. They shared dreams, made plans, and grew up together.

20. Together Since 1948.jpg?format=webp@willnotclap/x.com

And now they have been together for over 70 years, wearing their T-shirts, proud of their history. It's cool not only because it looks stylish but also because everyone who sees these inscriptions can feel their unwavering affection and devotion. They show us that love is more than just words.

21. Support in Detail

Where does love begin? It starts with the fire in your eyes, your heartbeat, and kisses, pleasant touches but that's not the main thing. True love begins with support. It is born in details and simple things. This photo demonstrates this very clearly.

21. Support in Detail.jpg?format=webp@Couplehaven/facebook.com

The guy is holding his beloved on his shoulders so that she can hit the ball into the basket and score a goal. Thanks to support, people reach unprecedented heights and realize their dreams. That's why it's an important component of a relationship.

22. You Are My Best Friend

When we are young, the first thing we want to hear from a loved one is the words "I love you". They warm and comfort us, and signal that it's time to move on and develop a relationship that has a chance for the future. But over the years, these words evolve into something much deeper.

22. You Are My Best Friend.jpg?format=webp@Sumit316/reddit.com

Passion fades, experience and new emotions emerge. Then comes the next stage in life. At this point, it is important to be not only a lover but also a friend to your loved one. Then it is not a relationship about falling in love or passion but about true love.

23. Alter Ego

The two children once met during a church mass. It was there that they saw each other every Sunday. But over time, their paths diverged and each began to live their own lives. However, as they say, fate cannot be avoided. While looking through her old album, she came across their old photo and decided to visit the same church the next Sunday.

23. Alter Ego.jpg?format=webp@Photos: Listeners Coincidence Stories/thisamericanlife.org

Imagine her surprise when she met her old friend at the service. That meeting was the beginning of not only friendship but true love. A short time later they were married in the same church. Their love overcame time and all obstacles, isn't it beautiful?

24. Unlucky with Swimming but not with Love

Two sisters decided to teach their parents to swim and made every effort to realize this goal. But in the end, it turned out that this was not the most important thing. The most significant stuff is the ability to love each other for life.

24. Unlucky with Swimming, but not with Love.jpg?format=webp@divinehand2003/nairaland.com

The couple managed to master this wisdom and carry it through life. Their children eventually realized this and agreed that their parents had taught them the best lesson that no school can teach because love comes not from books but from the heart. In any case, the swimming lesson was not in vain.

25. An Important Reminder on T-shirts

These T-shirts bring warm smiles to passersby, and for the couple, they are a reminder of the strong bond that unites them. Their T-shirts have become a small but important way to express their love and commitment. In a world where things are changing fast, they have found a way to stay together and support each other.

25. An Important Reminder on T-shirts.jpg?format=webp@gurkamaal/reddit.com

This humorous approach to clothing reflects their ability to find joy in every moment. They have learned to appreciate each other and see something more in everyday things. The T-shirts with the inscriptions "If lost, return to Rita" and "I am Rita" remind us how important it is to have someone by your side who can always support you and find the right path.

26. Share Your Loved One's Hobbies Wisely and Intelligently

Over the years of living together, we already know a lot about our significant other: their hobbies, favorite foods, and TV shows. But sometimes it's important to be interested in the details of those things that your loved one likes so much.

26. Share Your Loved One's Hobbies Wisely and Intelligently.jpg?format=webp@38 Funny Marriage Tweets For Couples Who Are Best Friends And Partners In Crime/msn.com

However, you should sometimes stop and let your loved one silently enjoy watching their favorite show. Otherwise, instead of a satisfied person who is delighted with your interest in their favorite programs, you will get an irritated person.

27. You Got it Right

These two know exactly how to cheer up others and puzzle them at the same time. Their choice of clothing is a statement that reflects their sense of humor and ease in any situation. They don't just wear these T-shirts for fun; they enjoy people's reactions and are happy to be able to put a smile on the faces of those they meet.

27. You Got it Right.jpg?format=webp@insaneposes/x.com

Perhaps this approach to life is the secret of their happy existence together. They are not afraid to be themselves, to laugh together, and even to provoke a little. Their confidence and ability to make others laugh is what makes them so special. They know how to enjoy every moment and find joy in small things.

28. The Perfect Way to Please Your Sweetheart

Almost all women worry about their weight. Even when they are too thin, they still want to lose even more weight. It looks like this lady is either eating right or exercising. Therefore, she is constantly monitoring her weight to see the difference before and after.

28. The Perfect Way to Please Your Sweetheart.jpg?format=webp@DirtyHarry1776/ifunny.co

To see the result of her hard work, she decided to weigh herself. A few seconds later, her husband came to her rescue. He put his foot on the scale to cheat the device a little and make his beloved happy. Now she would be happy because the scale showed less weight than before.

29. Love and Cats

They say that the way to a divorced woman's heart is through her child. This rule applies even if you have always been her best friend and finally waited for her divorce. But if she has cats instead of children, her furry pets will like you. If you show your affection for her cats, it can be a big plus in her eyes. A woman who loves her cats will notice and appreciate your efforts.

29. Love and Cats.jpg?format=webp@Made for each other/leenks.com

She will be impressed by your care and attention to what is important to her. Cats can become real cupids in your life. If they see you as a potential friend, it can open the door to their owner's heart. Pets will help create a relaxed atmosphere and allow you to show your care and kindness.

30. Dance with Me Until We Drop

The elderly and enthusiastic couple used to open up when they were young but they still have the same enthusiasm. They dance against all odds because they know how to make the most of life. These two realize that youth lives in the hearts and makes you have fun.

30. Dance with Me Until We Drop.jpg?format=webp@Holidays of Yesteryear/facebook.com

Music is the elixir of youth for this couple. They are always looking for new melodies, and rhythms that can fascinate them and inspire them to new dance moves. They realize that music has a magical power that can transport the couple to a world where time stands still and where they can be whoever they want to be.

31. A Pair that Can't Be Stopped

If you think that the love of motorcycles is only a passion of young people, you are very much mistaken. This elderly couple just loves riding this high-speed vehicle. It's great that they share this hobby. Over the years, people should have more and more interests that unite them.

31. A Pair that Can't Be Stopped.jpg?format=webp@Rolle's Lynda Vista RV Park/tripadvisor.com

The couple proves that a true hobby knows no age limits. Their shared passion for motorcycles is one of the many things that strengthen their relationship. For them, it symbolizes the freedom that allows them to keep moving forward.

32. When a Vocation Becomes a Foundation for a Family

For many people, work has become a place not only of fulfillment but also of important acquaintances. People meet others there, make friends, form important connections, and even find love. It's very cool and interesting to realize how life-changing work can be.

32. When a Vocation Becomes a Foundation for a Family.jpg?format=webp@‘It was smart to marry the competition’: meet the ‘power couples’ who work together/theguardian.com

This is very convenient because people have more things to talk about and more interests. This couple first became friends at work. They are both surgeons who are passionate about medicine. Now they have another important area of interest: their families.

33. Just Pick a Spot

Women's logic is a very vast thing. It is multifaceted and not always clear. Perhaps it's because women's logic often depends on their mood and subconscious desires, which they do not immediately voice. In this instance, that was the case.

33. Just Pick a Spot.jpg?format=webp@sixfootcandy/instagram.com

The woman allowed her lover to make a choice but then she expressed dissatisfaction with his choice. Fortunately, she later realized the comedy of the situation. It is good that her beloved man also finds it funny, although no less strange.

34. Favorite Cartoon from Childhood

Who hasn't watched Tom and Jerry? This is a lifelong love. It's a pleasure to watch it even as an adult, especially when you share this moment with a loved one. This makes the process even more special. This creates a special magic in relationships that brings them closer together.

34. Favorite Cartoon from Childhood.jpg?format=webp@Grandeu/facebook.com

It reminds us that the best things in life are often simple and close by. Watching this legendary cartoon together becomes a symbol of our ability to find joy in the simplest things and appreciate the moments we spend together.

35. Sport - The Power of Relationships

This couple is living proof that age is not an obstacle to an active lifestyle. They inspire everyone around them with their energy and determination. Younger gym-goers look up to them with respect and admiration, and many even follow suit.

35. Sport - The Power of Relationships.jpg?format=webp@This Is What the Perfect Marriage Was Like in the 1930s/womansworld.com

Their story is a reminder that it's never too late to start something new and take on a challenge. This couple is a motivating example of healthy and strong relationships at a respectable age. We hope they get what they want from sports.

36. Caring for Yourself - Caring for Each Other

For this couple, skin care is a manifestation of love for themselves and their partner. These young people show that it is important not only to maintain their appearance but also to create moments together that bring joy and strengthen relationships.

36. Caring for Yourself - Caring for Each Other.jpg?format=webp@CuGo15/facebook.com

The couple knows how to balance self-care and partner care, creating harmony in their lives. Green masks are also a great reason to laugh and compare yourself to beauty monsters and let the whole world laugh with them.

37. Fighting Spirit on the Guard of Love

It is not known whether these two took the photo for a laugh or if it is their lifestyle. But they definitely have the ability to laugh at themselves and not think about the opinions of others. These elderly couple understand that life should be lived to the fullest.

37. Fighting Spirit on the Guard of Love.jpg?format=webp@What age is considered old?/simplemost.com

A water pistol fight is a great way to cheer up and create a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. With such grandparents, the grandchildren are definitely lucky, because they will always find something to do together. In addition, they set a good example for their loved ones to follow.

38. If it is Fate, They Will Be Together

The story of this couple began with friendship in a large company. They just had a good time together and had a lot of fun. But one day the girl needed a boyfriend for a party where everyone was a couple. They quickly hit it off and became one of the best couples in her company.

38. If it is Fate, They Will Be Together.jpg?format=webp@7 Couples Who Became Lovers After Being Best Friends Share Their Story/zula.sg

However, they did not immediately move on to a romantic relationship. Life brought them together more than once. Eventually, they realized that it was a sign of fate and they had to be together. Judging by the photo, they managed to become a couple who never got sad.

39. Love is Trusting a Partner with a Sharp Blade

There is something extremely intimate and profound about the moment when a man trusts his lover to shave his face. This act, though seemingly simple, embodies the depth of trust and intimacy between partners. One of the most crucial elements of every relationship is trust.

39. Love is Trusting a Partner with a Sharp Blade.jpg?format=webp@Zven.Den.Officiel/facebook.com

And when a man entrusts a woman with such a responsible task as shaving, he shows how deep this trust is. He opens his face to her, symbolically removing all protective barriers, remaining vulnerable and defenseless. He trusts that she will be careful and gentle, that she cares about him and wants only the best for him.

40. Old Age is not the Time to Give Up

You know for sure that there are hobby clubs for different people. And you know most of them. However, we're going to let you in on a secret: there are fencing clubs for older couples who use wheelchairs. They even have spectators who provide support for such couples.

40. Old Age is not the Time to Give Up.jpg?format=webp@Ageless Exercise/foundshit.com

It doesn't matter how old you are, you can always find a hobby for your soul, or remember your younger years when you were engaged in some kind of sport together that caused you a flurry of positive emotions. It gives you strength and comfort.

41. Who's the Loser Here?

The coolest thing is when a man and a woman find each other in terms of interests and values. Whether they like to grumble or fool around together, the main thing is that they are very comfortable together. It is also important that they are happy to challenge each other and accept it. Isn't that cool?

41. Who's the Loser Here.jpg?format=webp@LADY.D/favim.com

The prize is a break from washing dishes. Yes, only true friends who are united by their love for common activities and outlook on life can come up with something like this. These two definitely never feel sad together. This is the meaning of love.

42. Love that Has Stood the Test of Time

This couple has been together for 54 years, and their love has only blossomed over time. Despite the decades that have passed, they have kept the spark that first connected their hearts. Their bond has remained as strong as it was in their first years together.

42. Love that Has Stood the Test of Time.jpg?format=webp@R3dLady/reddit.com

He still loves to tickle her near her ear when she is lying on his lap. It is a small but extremely gentle gesture that symbolizes care and devotion. This moment is full of warmth and peace when they are together in a quiet corner of their world.

43. Love Begins with Caring

What do you know about caring for another person? It means that you care only about those whom you love, worry about, and wish only the best for. Caring can be different: some people are supported morally, some are supported financially.

43. Love Begins with Caring.jpg?format=webp@Kiss me bb/facebook.com

But some people need a little bit of everything. The man in the photo is gently drying his beloved's hair, and it looks like they both like it. And how could it be otherwise when he does it with great love and his actions come from the heart?

44. Be a Bright Couple

Do you think you can only wear bright colors when you're young? Not at all. Psychologists advise you to do it all your life. After all, it produces the hormone of happiness, endorphin, which is so important for maintaining a happy relationship.

44. Be a Bright Couple.jpg?format=webp@osaraa7/x.com

An older couple experiments with bright colors in their clothes. She wears white pants with embroidery, and he prefers a colorful T-shirt. They look very impressive together, and their smiles only add to their playfulness. To look like this, you just need a little desire and creativity.

45. Creativity for Two

A couple will be sad when one of them is constantly inventing something, and the other considers it boring and uninteresting. But when two people love all sorts of inventions and fun, they will always be active and purposeful. Look at these two, it looks like they definitely don't have time for boredom.

45. Creativity for Two.jpg?format=webp@kryslynn/imgur.com

They always come up with something that will allow them to be together and do a lot of work. Obviously, they found each other and it made them happy. We think they don't really care about other people, they are so comfortable in each other's company.

46. Dancing Out of Time

Age does not matter when hearts beat in unison. Their steps may not be as elastic as in their youth but in every movement, you can feel harmony and deep respect for each other. They embrace each other, moving in time to the invisible music that sounds only for them.

46. Dancing Out of Time.jpg?format=webp@pizza.venezia.atyrau/instagram.com

Every step they take is accompanied by smiles, and happiness shines in their eyes. These two radiate joys that captivate everyone around them. Their dance is not just movements but an expression of deep affection and love that has survived through the years. They seem to be returning to the time when they first met and their feelings were just beginning to blossom.

47. A Water Adventure that not Everyone will Repeat

When you look at this couple jumping into the water together (she sits on top of him, and he dives headfirst from the springboard), you get goosebumps. But they look happy during this stunt. This couple lives life to the fullest using every opportunity for new experiences and sensations.

47. A Water Adventure that not Everyone will Repeat.jpg?format=webp@Couple jumping into lake ontop of eachother/imgur.com

They are not afraid to take risks and go beyond the usual, because they know that together they can conquer any peak. Their adventures are an inspiration for everyone who wants to live a bright and passionate life. However, it is worth noting that not everyone will repeat their tricks.

48. Support in a Special Way

As people age, they experience many health problems, especially with their legs. Often, some people have to use wheelchairs to keep moving. It is incredibly cool when you are supported. Just look at this photo and you will be impressed.

48. Support in a Special Way.jpg?format=webp@Sergio Lub/flickr.com

My husband did it in an interesting way when he attached a horse on wheels to his beloved's wheelchair and sat on top of it. Now they have a lot of fun riding together: they make themselves happy and cheer up others in this way. As they say, never give up.

49. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

These two funny personalities certainly make every day enjoyable. Whether they are preparing to see an eclipse or celebrating Christmas on Halloween, Kristen and Dax are always laughing. To top it off, she wore a swimsuit with his image on it and took a picture in it.

49. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.jpg?format=webp@rebeccaromijn/instagram.com

In their case, it is very hard not to believe that they were friends to begin with. The way they treat each other and share their pranks with their followers is so sincere and easy. It's great to realize that we are talking about celebrities whom we love and respect.

50. Fans of Pranks

Some couples like to play pranks on each other in different ways. Sometimes it seems that their ideas should be used in comedy films, not just broadcast on social media. A girl who saw a prank performance by her boyfriend, who was not too lazy to develop not only the script but also the decorations for it, was not confused.

50. Fans of Pranks.jpg?format=webp@promnightca/instagram.com

While he was lying there pretending to be dead, she took a whole bunch of vivid pictures. What else could she do when such a wonderful performance was organized for her? Not every girl meets such an extraordinary guy with an incredible imagination that impresses.