Britney Spears: Victim of Cruel Men?

01 Nov 2023

On stage, she is a star, but behind the scenes, she is just an ordinary woman who dreams of love and the warmth of family relationships. But why did this dream of hers turn into a scandal every time? Britney Spears - shocking confessions, scandals, life under guardianship, and the whole truth about her romance with Justin Timberlake in our article.

The unexpected reaction of the Lover

In October 2023, on the eve of the official release of Britney Spears' memoir The Woman in Me, People magazine published exclusive excerpts from the book. Britney's candid revelations shocked the world. She disclosed that she became pregnant with Justin Timberlake during their relationship. However, when she hurried to share the joyful news, Justin's reaction completely devastated her.

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Stab in the back

According to the pop star, the singer couldn't envision himself as a father at that time. He insisted that his beloved get rid of the child. This shattered her heart and shattered all the dreams of a happy family life with Justin that she had cherished since the inception of their relationship.

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How It All Began

Britney met Justin in 1992 on the set of the popular Disney Channel show, The Mickey Mouse Club, where young stars like Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling also performed. It was during this time that the teenagers shared their first kiss. They were both 12 years old.

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Love on Paus

However, the paths of the two lovebirds diverged later on. Justin pursued an opportunity to sing in the band 'N Sync, which later became very popular. Meanwhile, Britney continued her work in shows until her demo fell into the hands of producers who believed in her talent. The Baby One More Time track became a global hit. Reaching the status of idols for millions of teenagers, they met again.

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Friends or more?

Later on, the couple began to collaborate on stage. Fans soon suspected that there was a spark between them. Although the couple denied all rumors in the press, claiming they were just friends, the truth eventually surfaced.

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Iconic couple of the '90s

In 1998, Justin and Britney stopped hiding their relationship. Fans were thrilled to see them together, and the media dubbed them the iconic couple of the '90s.

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Happiness on display

The press started to pursue Justin and Britney. The couple didn't mind the attention and happily answered all the media's questions.

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Wedding soon?

In 2001, the stars began living together in Britney's mansion in Los Angeles. This news delighted the couple's fans, who hoped that the stars would announce their engagement very soon. However, it never happened.

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Love comes to an end

2002 Britney and Justin announced shocking news: they were breaking up. However, neither the singer nor the pop star ever revealed the reasons behind their sudden split.

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Everyone was stunned by such a sudden breakup. Just recently, they were seen together, looking very happy and in love. Magazines wrote that most likely the reason behind the split was Britney's betrayal.

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Scandalous interview

In 2002 Justin Timberlake gave his scandalous interview to ABC, in which he revealed intimate details about his life with Britney. What's more – he boasts about taking away her innocence. Perhaps this was just revenge for the possible betrayal of the singer? After all, Britney herself had repeatedly stated in interviews that she was saving herself for marriage.

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So who is the traitor?

TMZ exposed the singer's betrayal when he was still dating Britney. In 2000, paparazzi caught Justin with All Saints vocalist Nicole Appleton. They were partying at a nightclub in London and later went to a hotel where the singer was staying.

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Difficult breakup

In 2003, Spears confided to journalist Amanda Sawyer that she found it extremely difficult to cope with the breakup with Timberlake. During the candid interview, the star was visibly nervous, cried, and even asked to stop the conversation because it was very hard for her to talk about it. At that time, the press suspected that the girl was using psychoactive substances and was barely in control of herself.

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What goes around... Comes around

In 2006 Justin released the hit 'What Goes Around... Comes Around,' which fans immediately perceived as a response to his ex. The song contains lyrics implying that once he waited for her and cried, but now it's her turn. According to the lyrics, the roles have reversed. Once Britney's memoir is revealed, the public will gain deeper insights into their relationship. However, this revelation is yet to come.

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Marriage for 55 hours

Attempts to move on from her past relationships drive Britney to impulsive actions. During a vacation in Las Vegas, she unexpectedly marries her longtime friend Jason Allen Alexander. This marriage lasts only 55 hours. Britney admitted that she simply wanted to experience what it was like to be a wife. The singer approached her next marriage more seriously.

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Love that led to the altar

In 2004, true love came into Britney's life. Her love was Kevin Federline. He started working as a choreographer for the singer and often performed as a backup dancer. Their relationship quickly became serious. The dancer falls head over heels for Britney, leaving his pregnant girlfriend for her. And within three months, he made a marriage proposal to the singer. She was very happy and said “Yes”. The couple got married the same month. 

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Life on camera

The couple turned their family life into a reality show, Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, which viewers immediately criticized for its tastelessness. Taylor Carik from Flak Magazine called the reality show indecent. According to Josh Walker from Entertainment Weekly, this series became Spears' 'career suicide on camera'.

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Abandoning career for a new life

Later, the singer announced her intention to take a break from her career and devote herself to her family. In 2005, she gave birth to her firstborn, Sean Preston, and just a few months later, she was involved in a scandal with him.

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Escape with son: recklessness or desperation?

In 2006, the BBC released photos of the pop icon driving with her five-month-old son on her lap. On David Letterman's show, the singer explained that she simply wanted to quickly escape from intrusive photographers who surrounded her outside a café. The BBC countered, stating that there was no aggression on their part and Britney willingly posed for the cameras. If the media reports are true, where and from whom was Britney desperately trying to escape with her 5-month-old son in her arms?

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Pregnancy publicity

On the same Letterman show, Britney Spears announced her second pregnancy. In August 2006, pregnant Spears appeared naked on the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine.

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Attempting to save the family

Her second son was born on September 12 in Los Angeles. The boy was named Jayden James. Despite the shared joy, Britney and Kevin's relationship was on the rocks.

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Relationship breakdown

The couple tried to save their relationship, but neither their joint efforts nor their two young children helped. In November 2006, they filed for divorce. The reason cited was irreconcilable differences. And as it turned out, these differences would continue to significantly impact the pop star's life.

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Court battles

The fight for the children immediately began between the ex-couple. Kevin wanted full custody. In a comment to Today, he tried to portray his former wife as unstable and hysterical. Although the court initially granted joint custody, Federline was not backing down. He told the judges that he would prove Britney's inadequacy. Soon enough, Britney gave him the opportunity to do just that.

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The beginning of a difficult period

Shortly after, the whole world saw photos of Britney with a shaved head. Fans speculated that the complicated divorce had severely affected the singer's mental health. However, according to the New York Post, Britney did it in solidarity with her late aunt, who passed away from cancer. But things were about to get worse…

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Nervous breakdowns

All too often, the press captured the star's scandalous behavior. She no longer cared about her public image or what people thought of her. One day, unable to bear the relentless paparazzi attention, she lashed out at them with an umbrella. Under pressure from her family, Britney was briefly hospitalized. Her ex-husband seized this opportunity.

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The dark side

Federline made every effort to reopen the case for sole custody of the children. Witnesses from the singer's inner circle were called to court, testifying about her questionable parenting. Britney's former bodyguard, Tony Barretto in an interview with TODAY, even claimed he had seen the pop star using drugs and alcohol while neglecting her children. Everything seemed to be against the singer.

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Britney was deprived of the most precious thing

In September 2007, the court ordered Spears to undergo regular drug and alcohol testing and mandated both former spouses to attend parenting classes titled 'Parenting Without Conflict.' According to People in 2007, Britney drove without a driver's license and did not pass the alcohol and drug test. Following this revelation, the court granted full custody of the children to Kevin, allowing the mother limited visitation rights.

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Public breakdown that led to the psychiatric hospital

At first, Britney complied with the court orders. However, there was an incident where she refused to return the children to their father at the designated time. She locked herself in the bathroom and cried that she wouldn't come out. Kevin had to call the police. As a result, not only police cars but also firefighters and helicopters from the media surrounded the house. Britney was carried out on a stretcher to an ambulance. She was hospitalized in a psychiatric facility, and following this incident, the court completely prohibited her from seeing the children.

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Possession begins

After these events in 2008, the singer's father, Jamie Spears, went to court seeking to obtain guardianship over his daughter and the right to manage her estate. According to him, due to her unstable psychological condition, Britney couldn't make decisions independently. Later, Spears was admitted to the psychiatric ward of the UCLA Medical Center. She was deemed temporarily incapacitated, and the Los Angeles court granted her father's request for guardianship. He was given permission to oversee her estate, business deals, contracts, and career. Moreover, he even had the authority to restrict the people Britney could interact with, as well as her personal expenses.

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New Britney

After receiving treatment for alcohol and drug addiction and being under her father's guardianship, the singer became actively involved in her career, working twice as much, which significantly increased her wealth. Everything seemed to be going well until her past reappeared on the horizon.

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The greedy ex

As soon as Britney resumed her concert activities, her ex decided to take advantage of it. Suddenly, the court-ordered monthly alimony payments of $20,000 became insufficient for him. After her father refused to voluntarily double the monthly payments, Federline hired lawyers and eventually succeeded in his pursuit.

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Life under guardianship

Britney Spears' career and personal life were under full control for 13 years. During this time, she released four albums, performed in concerts, earned 140 million dollars, launched a fashion label, and a line of perfumes under her own name. She also served as a judge on the television show X Factor. Although it seemed like the star's life was getting back on track, fans increasingly noticed her strange behavior.

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In 2009, the #FreeBritney movement emerged in the United States among fans in support of Britney Spears. According to their beliefs, the singer was actively posting signs on her social media indicating that she was being mistreated and forced to do things against her will. Fans often deciphered pleas for help in her interviews. Eventually, they started organizing protests and calling for Britney to be freed from her guardianship. As it turned out later, the fans were indeed correct.

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Fight for freedom

In 2014, the singer finally decided to fight for her freedom and filed a lawsuit to be released from her guardianship. According to The New York Times, Britney Spears asked the court to remove James Spears' powers, especially due to his issues with alcohol.

34. Fight for freedom.jpg?format=webp@Britney Spears' Dad Speaks Out After Conservatorship Suspension/Entertainment Tonight/

Fear of the father

At the court hearing, Spears revealed that under the conservatorship, she underwent drug testing multiple times a week. Her credit card was controlled by the security team, and she had no control over it. Moreover, she was forced to perform even when she had a high fever, which became one of the scariest moments of her life. The singer claimed that she was very afraid of her father. However, the judges were not sympathetic to Britney. Fans changed the situation.

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Support from fans

Fans of the pop diva didn't leave her without support. They organized mass protests during the singer's court hearings against her father and signed petitions to the President of the United States demanding that the singer be allowed to appoint her own lawyer. The court couldn't ignore their demands for long.

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A step closer to victory

In 2020-2021, there was another loud campaign on social media where people expressed their support for Britney in her fight against guardianship using the hashtag #FreeBritney. The campaign was endorsed by many notable figures, including singers Madonna, Cher, Mariah Carey, actresses Rose McGowan and Sarah Jessica Parker, writer Megan McCain, talk show host Andy Cohen, singer and host Michelle Visage, and even her ex, Justin Timberlake.

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New chapter

In 2021, the court finally allowed Britney Spears to hire her own attorney, who ultimately achieved the impossible. Jamie was eventually forced to cooperate with the court and his daughter's new lawyer.

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13 years of hell

In court, the singer stated that the 13 years under her father's conservatorship were a true nightmare. He forced doctors to prescribe her lithium allegedly due to a suspected bipolar disorder, and put an intrauterine device in her, claiming that her father did not allow her to get married and have children.

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Justice restored

On November 12, 2021, the final hearing in the conservatorship case of Jamie Spears over Britney Spears took place. The court ruled to terminate the conservatorship. Attorney John Zeigler, appointed in September to oversee Britney Spears's assets (almost 60 million dollars), was to immediately transfer control of her finances and estate back to the singer. From then on, the star gained the legal right to manage her life as she pleases.

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Britney thanks fans

In her Instagram post, the singer expressed gratitude for the first time to the #FreeBritney movement and her fans for their support and assistance in removing her father from the conservatorship. In her post, she confessed that she "cried for two hours" after her fans helped her escape the 13-year-long ordeal. However, Britney's problems in life were far from over. 

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Life from the beginning

Inspired by the feeling of freedom, the pop diva decided to start life anew. Later on, she entered into a new relationship with fitness instructor Sam Asghari. Within a year, Sam proposed to his beloved, and in June, they had a magical wedding. The celebration was attended by many celebrities, although the singer's parents were not invited.

42. Life from the Beginning.jpg?format=webp@Britney Spears & Sam Asghari Wedding Video Part 1 HD/GlitterBritney/ 

In search of a way to her sons' hearts

The star tried once again to start afresh. Reconciling with her sons was crucial for her. They hadn't been in touch for a long time, but in 2019, Britney Spears finally gained the right to see her sons, Sean and Preston, unsupervised. However, this accounts for only 30% of their visitation rights, as the majority of their time is spent with their father. The singer rarely shares photos with her sons and doesn't write much about them on her Instagram. She explained this by stating that she doesn't want to attract unnecessary attention to them. According to her, the boys are still in the process of finding their identities.

43. In search of a way to her sons' hearts.jpg?format=webp@Inside Kevin Federline's Several Desperate Attempts To Destroy Britney Spears/Rumoured/

Unjustified expectations

Britney had hope that her relationship with her sons was improving. So, she invited them to her wedding, but they never showed up…

44. Unjustified expectations.jpg?format=webp@How Britney Spears Was Humiliated After Her Tragic Break Up With Justin Timberlake | Life Stories/Life Stories By Goalcast/

Unworthy behavior or father's fantasies?

In the comment to Daily Mail, the star's ex-husband explained that their sons did not attend their mother's wedding because they didn't like her behavior and the fact that she posts revealing photos on social media. However, later it turned out that the father's words were not trustworthy.

45. Unworthy behavior or father's fantasies.jpg?format=webp@Britney Spears' Father, Jamie, Breaks Silence on Conservatorship/TMZ/

Sons are ready for reconciliation

Journalists decided to find out the boys' opinions about their mother themselves. They told the Daily Mail that they don't hate their mom and wish her happiness in her new marriage. Britney’s sons didn't attend the wedding because Britney didn't invite other family members. The younger son added that he would be happy to meet his mom when the passions subside and she stabilizes her mental state.

46. Sons are ready for reconciliation.jpg?format=webp@Britney Spears' ex-husband breaks his silence in controversial interview | 60 Minutes Australia/60 Minutes Australia/

An emotional post from Britney to her sons

Spears responded to her sons with a poignant post on Instagram. She once again reaffirmed her boundless love for her sons. At the same time, the star blamed their father for convincing them of the mother's emotional instability. In the meantime, the personal life of the star wasn't working out either.

47. Emotional post from Britney to her sons.jpg?format=webp@Britney Spears' ex-husband breaks his silence in controversial interview | 60 Minutes Australia/60 Minutes Australia/

And a broken heart again

In 2023, Sam announced their divorce on his Instagram page. After a brief silence, Britney wrote that she could no longer endure the pain and ended their relationship.

48. And a Broken Heart Again.jpg?format=webp@Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Break Up After One Year of Marriage | E! News/E! News/

Poor Sam shared his suffering

Britney's ex decided not to stay silent and told TMZ that she had an affair with a man who worked in their house. Moreover, she had physically abused Sam several times, even throwing knives at him. Once, she even blackened his eye while he was sleeping. However, later on, different information emerged.

49. Poor Sam shared his suffering.jpg?format=webp@breeezyc/ 

Two-faced Sam

Ashley Frank, a former client of the Royal Personal Training gym where Sam worked as a trainer, wrote on her Instagram in the summer of 2023 that he had repeatedly cheated on Britney and mocked his wife in front of others. Finally, Ashley accused Sam of sexual harassment and stalking.

50. Two-faced Sam.jpg?format=webp@Britney Spears BREAKS SILENCE On Divorce As Ex Sam Asghari Faces New NASTY Allegations!?/Popcorned Planet/ 

Let’s go party!

Eventually, the couple got divorced. In celebration of this event, Britney Spears threw a lavish party. As seen in photos published by the Daily Mail, the singer enjoyed herself by the poolside with shirtless muscular men and appeared very happy.

51. Let’s go party!.jpg?format=webp@Britney Spears Throws WILD Divorce Party | TMZ TV/TMZ/ 

The Woman in Me

On October 24th, her memoir titled The Woman in Me was released. In the memoir, the singer revealed details about her life under the conservatorship, told about her relationships, shared the emotions and thoughts. Thanks to the singer's memoirs, we have witnessed her femininity, sensitivity, and vulnerability. Her book tells the story of a woman who seeks nothing but warmth and support from a man.

52. The Woman in Me.jpg?format=webp@Britney Spears: The Woman in Me/niko (backup)/