50 Passive-Aggressive Individuals Must Have Felt So Content After Writing These Notes

17 Jan 2024

Sometimes irritation simmers and rushes to break free, but expressing it directly isn't an option. That's when passive aggression comes to the rescue, along with a touch of sarcasm, helping put others in their place. It's not always the most constructive approach, but observing it from the sidelines can be amusing!

Cooking once more

Apparently, someone is tired of cooking for the whole family and wants to take a little break from the kitchen. It seems the hostess has dropped hints multiple times, expressing her desire for someone else to take charge in the kitchen, but her requests are being ignored.

Cooking once more.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Let's hope that such a vivid plea on the cake won't go unnoticed. The best solution in every family is to evenly share domestic responsibilities among all members.

Clean up after your dog! 

As you can see, not all dog owners find the strength to clean up after their pets. Of course, this is highly disliked by those around, and it's completely understandable - nobody wants to walk around dog feces.

Clean up after your dog! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

We hope that after this note, the woman will finally start cleaning up after her beloved pet. Otherwise, it wouldn't be surprising if her neighbors published this announcement in the local newspaper!

A recurring crime!

Apparently, colleagues or neighbors of this person are fed up with seeing forgotten tea cups. To ensure the 'offender' truly grasps the message, those around him even created a note with pictures!

A recurring crime!.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Even a small child would understand such a thing. We hope there won't be any more forgotten tea cups.

Get a grip on yourselves! 

While it's true that multi-apartment buildings often have significant sound transmission, nobody wants to hear the details of their neighbors' personal lives, including shouts and tantrums.

Get a grip on yourselves! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

But it seems that someone can't control themselves, and the neighbors, who are already fed up with it, decided to leave this passive-aggressive note. Hopefully, it will finally have an impact.

Merciless critique 

Of course, it's much more enjoyable to listen to songs by your favorite artists rather than neighbors who can't carry a tune. However, this note comes across as genuinely harsh—so much so that the neighbors didn't even dare to leave their real names in the signature.

Merciless critique .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Sometimes, it's easier to criticize incognito. After receiving such feedback, the person who loves to sing loudly might either stop or, on the contrary, sing even louder to defy the critics!

Toilet user manual

Apparently, someone working in an office with a shared restroom is fed up with dirty toilets and has left this clear and straightforward instruction for their colleagues.

Toilet user manual.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

We hope people will follow this simple, illustrated guide and stop irritating their coworkers with their lack of cleanliness.

The reality

Sometimes, you just want to unwind and enjoy something delicious, especially after a challenging day at work! Of course, during these moments, one seeks positivity rather than another source of annoyance, like a vending machine refusing to dispense the desired snack. 

The reality.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Unfortunately, such incidents happen quite often, and the person who experienced it decided to warn others. Well done!

Time to save!

As you can see, some people get irritated if someone uses too much toilet paper. That's why someone has even made special marks on the paper to let others know how much is acceptable and where it's better to save. 

Time to save!.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Honestly, it looks like terrible stinginess. It's surprising that the person who left these notes didn't mind spending a little on markers.

Honest admission

Well, Jack deserves credit for confessing that he scratched someone else's car. However, it's unlikely that the victim will feel much better about it—after all, anyone would be pleased if the responsible party for the accident compensated for the damage or at least contacted the insurance company.

Honest admission.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

However, in this case, that didn't happen. At least Jack found the strength to apologize, but it won't undo the damage.

Mom's report 

Apparently, someone's creative child also wanted his mom to experience what it's like to deal with grades. Now, his mom receives grades without leaving home! 

Mom's report .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

As you can see, she manages well with almost everything except helping with math homework and cooking. Either she doesn't cook at all, or the food is not very tasty—only the child who made this list knows the truth!

Resignation after three years of 'hell' 

It's certainly sad to read that people work in a hated company for many years. It's understandable that they want to vent and leave such a note, but it's unclear why they endure a job they absolutely dislike.

Resignation after three years of 'hell' .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Perhaps it's the salary that keeps them there, or maybe they are just too lazy to look for another job—each case is individual. However, it would be wonderful if, instead of writing angry notes, people didn't linger in a job they hate.

Hateful neighbor

Noisy neighbors are the nightmare of many people, especially when someone loudly calls their cat in the middle of the night! We assume that the cat continues its nightly stroll regardless, not in a hurry to return home.

Hateful neighbor.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Poor neighbors suffer from the loud sounds and can't fall asleep. We hope they manage to solve this problem.

When you crave tranquility

Naturally, it's challenging to control what and how loudly your neighbors are doing. But when you have a child, and through the wall, there's noise from the 'adults' activities, any parents can feel, to put it mildly, uncomfortable. 

When you crave tranquility.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Therefore, one family, with the help of a witty note, asked the neighbors to keep it down a bit. It's interesting to know if they complied.

And this is already cruel!

In some cases, certain individuals don't miss the chance to showcase their sarcasm, which they consider witty. However, why kill the poor fly? It seems someone went too far in the pursuit of trying to appear clever. 

And this is already cruel!.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

It looks cruel and not funny at all. We hope this is a one-off incident that won’t happen again.

Get used to the noise

Apparently, some people are not very lucky with their neighbors. Deliberately making noise and leaving such a note is a sign of not-so-great manners. Well, perhaps the neighbors will be able to find an antidote and make noise in retaliation just when the noisy neighbor finally wants to sleep. Always remember that you are not alone in this world and that there is a counterforce to any power.

Get used to the noise.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

How annoying the dirty dishes are!

We're even afraid to guess how many times people have left this message when they didn't wash their dishes. After all, they were wished a lot of bad things. It can be assumed that they really angered someone!

How annoying the dirty dishes are!.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

After reading such a message, many will probably have the desire to clean up after themselves. After all, it's better to wash your dishes than to hear curses from someone. Not many will be pleased with that.

Warning number 2

Perhaps this message was left by the same person who wrote the previous note – we don't know the exact truth, but there is definitely a connection between these messages. Someone is very upset that people around them don't wash their dishes.

Warning number 2.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Such a situation can happen anywhere – in the office, in a shared house, during leisure time with friends, at a party. Wherever it occurs, it irritates tidy people who appreciate order.

"Charming" conversation between neighbors

So, they've had a little chat! One is irritated when neighbors loudly slam doors late at night, while the other can't stand such messages. What to do in such a challenging situation?

Charming conversation between neighbors.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

To begin with, it would be good to learn how to close doors more quietly – after all, doing it loudly, especially when everyone is relaxing, is, at the very least, impolite. Then, perhaps, the neighbors will stop leaving passive-aggressive notes in the corridor.

Time to clean up your cigarette butts! 

It's awful that some people continue to throw cigarette butts right under their windows. Is it really pleasant for them to watch such a scene?

Time to clean up your cigarette butts! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Well, we hope that after receiving this message from the neighbors, these people will finally mend their ways and stop littering under their own buildings.  Even better, just quit smoking. Then the problem will solve itself.

Time for inspection! 

Well, in the workplace, people often don't miss the opportunity to express their sarcasm, especially if there are untidy colleagues around who don't think about others. Of course, cleaning up after oneself is necessary not only at home but also at work, including in the restroom.

Time for inspection! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

After all, everyone wants to enter a clean space rather than the opposite. As you can see, the author of the note, along with colleagues, has a sense of humor — they didn't miss the chance to tick off the "inspection" as completed.

Leave my things alone! 

Another passive-aggressive request not to touch personal belongings at work. It's surprising that there are still people shameless enough to use others' things, but as you can see, this is a common problem, unfortunately.

Leave my things alone! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Moreover, the colleagues of the unfortunate person didn't miss the chance to make a joke about them and posted a photo-response. What jokers!

When colleagues don't give a moment of peace! 

Well, as you can see, sometimes it's hard to find solitude at work. Moreover, it's even challenging to step away from your desk. The prankster colleagues didn't miss the chance to have some fun and left their notes.

When colleagues don't give a moment of peace! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Of course, such close attention can annoy even the calmest person. That's the surprise he'll encounter when he returns to his office. We think next time he'll leave without warning.

A moment of sarcasm

Naturally, there can be rearrangements and equipment may be moved from one place to another in any office. But as you can see, it irritates someone, and someone doesn't miss the chance to show their sarcasm.

A moment of sarcasm.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Well, on any workplace, you can find someone who could easily give lessons in passive aggression. But is it even worth learning from them? A rhetorical question.

Hostages at the workplace

That's how some people not only take other people's things in the office but also don't miss the chance to make fun of colleagues who want to get their pen back.

Hostages at the workplace.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

The author of this note could become a scriptwriter – came up with a whole story about a pen being held hostage. We suspect that they need to be given extra work so that it's not boring in the office.

Don't forget you're not alone! 

Of course, it's wonderful to live in an apartment where you can do your laundry without leaving home. However, it's still essential not to forget about the boundaries of decency. At the very least, neighbors aren't too interested in observing their fellow residents in a state of undress (unless there's a Victoria's Secret model living there).

Don't forget you're not alone! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

But joking aside, it's better not to forget about clothing, which should be not only in the washing machine but also on your body.

Some other time

Well, as you can see, not everyone knows how to dispose of garbage properly, and, of course, it infuriates the neighbors not in a playful way. So much so that they are even ready to help personally carry the trash to the dumpster!

Some other time.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

We hope that with each passing day, there will be more people in the world who respect others and adhere to the bounds of decency.

Don't forget to wear a sweater!

Well, when access to the thermostat is not only yours but also your roommates' or neighbors', it can cause certain discomfort. While some are thinking about saving, others may be freezing.

Don't forget to wear a sweater!.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

In this case, particularly thrifty people (or those who are always too warm—there are such people too) may passive-aggressively remind others not to forget to wear a sweater.

Passive-aggressive judgment

Of course, reading this sign might be unpleasant for many, especially for hipsters. Moreover, many of them are wonderful people who don't bother anyone around them. Therefore, this message appears even slightly offensive.

Passive-aggressive judgement.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

But who knows what the backstory is—perhaps some hipster seriously irked the author of this note.

All clear and understandable! 

Well, it seems that the author of this extensive note was greatly irritated by people who can't use public toilets properly. I wonder if they are just as messy in their own homes? Well, let's leave that to their conscience.

All clear and understandable! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Meanwhile, we want to point out that such charts are great because they are easy to read, and all the information is presented very clearly. Even a child would understand!

Claim a spot! 

Of course, residents in regions with frequent frosts and snowfall sometimes find it challenging to dig their cars out of the snowdrifts. That's why some people mark their parking spaces with sarcastic notes like this.

Claim a spot! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

We don't know if it will help, but at least the person made an attempt. In any case, having a private garage or underground parking is a much better alternative.

Your colleague is watching you

Sometimes, such notes are left not necessarily because someone is spying on you, but perhaps because you might be disturbing someone's work.

Your colleague is watching you.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

It's essential to remember that the office is a shared space, and everyone wants the opportunity to concentrate on their tasks without being distracted by others' laughter, conversations, and more. Hopefully, the author's opinion in this note has been considered, and certain conclusions have been drawn.

Cleaning lesson

Well, perhaps this is harsh, but it might finally teach someone to clean up after their dog! Why should people have to see dogs poop around them? If they don't want to clean up, let them look at their pets' feces on their own doorstep.

Cleaning lesson.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

It seems logical. It's time to introduce fines everywhere for not cleaning up after one's pets.

Rules not for everyone? 

It's amazing why some employees dictate their rules in the office while completely disregarding them at the same moment. If you don't want to see office supplies or sticky notes on your office board, start with yourself and don't leave them there.

Rules not for everyone.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

So, the person asks not to do what he himself does. It doesn't seem very logical, to put it mildly.

Perfect sarcasm! 

Someone wanted to be creative and wrote about "zero days without sarcasm", and his colleague didn't miss the opportunity to make fun of the misspelled word.

Perfect sarcasm! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Well, we can assume that the employees of this company are all right with a sense of humor and that they never get bored. It's not a job; it's a dream!

Appropriate remark! 

Apparently, someone was very angry that the printer wasn't working well and decided to press the button so hard that the device no longer works at all! Of course, the other colleagues won't be happy about this.

Appropriate remark! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Someone was so dissatisfied that they didn't miss the opportunity to leave a witty passive-aggressive note. And we completely understand them!

Unhappy parents

Wow, what an eloquent note! We think that whoever received it must have felt very uncomfortable. At the same time, the authors of this message were clearly dissatisfied with how their children spent time earlier. 

Unhappy parents.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Well, we suspect that there will be no more friendship and joint activities between the author of this note and their neighbor, especially involving the children.

A real joke! 

Despite the young age of the author of this note, one can conclude that they already know everything there is to know about passive-aggressiveness!

A real joke! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

After such a note, the tooth fairy simply cannot help but come and bring some money, right? We hope the parents of this little wonder rewarded them for losing teeth.

A serious appeal

Of course, politicians are among those people who often receive various messages. Naturally, most of these letters are far from positive. Sarcasm from the authors of the letters is also not uncommon because not everyone knows how to control their emotions, especially when they are dissatisfied with something.

A serious appeal.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

At the same time, the task of a politician is to react in a timely manner to important issues.

A message from a smart person

We're not sure that everyone to whom this somewhat sarcastic letter is addressed will find the time and energy to read it to the end. However, we hope that there will be people who will read it in full.

A message from a smart person.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

The person made an effort to reach out to everyone and clearly explain the air conditioner's operating principles. It would be nice if as many people as possible knew about it and didn't spoil the devices with improper use.

A verbose person

Sometimes people are so eager to convey their message that they can't contain their verbal flow, saying and writing everything that comes to their mind. And that's okay.

A verbose person.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

After all, the more sincere and detailed a person expresses their thoughts, the more chances there are that they will be heard. And everyone wants to be heard in any case! We hope that nobody ignored this person's message.

A cry of desperation

Of course, it's not particularly pleasant for the movers to carry heavy suitcases, so they can leave such eloquent messages. But how to make the suitcase lighter and still take all the necessary things? A difficult question.

A cry of desperation.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

But think about how often you packed more things for a trip than you actually needed, especially when it comes to clothes.

Not a gram of politeness

Of course, when people have been asked many times not to damage the bathroom, and they still continue to do so, all politeness goes out the window, and that's logical. What surprises us more is why adults allow themselves to damage public property.

Not a gram of politeness.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

The note's author is right – if they can't use the bathroom properly, they should go to the field, where they surely won't break anything.

Jay Parker, you're being called out! 

Well, from this passive-aggressive note, it becomes evident that someone named Jay Parker is not particularly adept at eating with finesse, and it's likely not the first time they've been told so.

Jay Parker, you're being called out! .jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Apparently, someone found it so irksome that they decided to get creative with a clever anagram! Now, let's hope Jay feels a bit embarrassed about dining like a pig.

Poor sinks

Why one shouldn't vomit into the sinks is clear even to children, but as you can see, among adults, there are those who, for some reason, don't understand this.

Poor sinks.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Specifically for them, caring colleagues who don't want to see dirty sinks at work left a very clear note. We hope everyone understood it.

Oh, this humor!

Of course, even harmless remarks from colleagues regarding, for example, the use of the communal kitchen at the workplace can irritate many. I wonder why they write dates on the food containers? Perhaps these are restaurant employees preparing food for people.

Oh, this humor!.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Then everything makes sense - each container with food or a prepared dish should be dated. Otherwise, no work and no dates, among other things!

A message from a neighbor

You can feel that there is enough irritation in this message, although it is maximally hidden under the mask of politeness. A neighbor who couldn't sleep well due to external noises, which are unpleasant for most people, decided to leave this letter.

A message from a neighbor.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

It's a quite civilized approach because the person chose not to quarrel with the neighbor but politely expressed their request, albeit with a touch of passive-aggressiveness.

Dangerous to deal with such a person!

Of course, we all understand that it's a joke (or maybe not, who knows), but it's better to return people their things. Even better – use your personal belongings and not annoy others.

Dangerous to deal with such a person!.jpg?format=webp@RiseRevolutionary675/Reddit.com

Fortunately, there are many stores around with stationery and other essential items. Then everyone will be happy and calm.

Competition in sarcasm

What do you think, which of the authors of these notes is better at using sarcasm? We're afraid to imagine what will happen next in the third note and then in the fourth, and so on. A real verbal war could start! 

Competition in sarcasm.jpg?format=webp@Janaruns/Reddit.com

On a serious note, the office is definitely not the best place to settle differences. Disputes (even with sarcasm) demotivate and worsen relationships within the team.

Strict rules

Naturally, few people like strict rules, both at home and at work. The authors of such passive-aggressive messages should not forget that people, when told what to do, generally tend to do the opposite.

Strict rules.jpg?format=webp@Plantedbetta22/Reddit.com

It is better to encourage people, praise their achievements, and convey your requests in a gentle manner.

More than passive-aggression

Well, this seems more like straightforward aggression. We suspect that this is not the first such request from the author of this note, so they probably couldn't hold back anymore. No one likes to repeat the same thing several times. 

More than passive-aggression .jpg?format=webp@isthishandletaken/Reddit.com

It's annoying when your requests are ignored. Therefore, it's essential always to remain human and behave as you would like others to behave with you.