50 Hilarious Parking Fails That Will Make You Think Twice Before Driving

21 May 2024

It's no secret that the talent for parking properly is far from universal. But looking at these photos of people shamefully parking their cars, at first you smile, and then you realize that it's better for them to never get behind the wheel again!

Taking Up Two (or More) Spaces!

 It's the age-old dilemma: you find the perfect parking spot, only to discover it's been taken up by a car parked across two spaces. Or three. Or four. Because apparently, one spot just isn't enough.

1 (13).jpg?format=webp@CC0/flickr/com

Terribly annoying situation that pisses off a lot of drivers! In such cases, the “super driver” may be taught a lesson by scratching his car or at best calling the police.

The Art of Creative Parking

Forget about following those pesky lines in the parking lot. This driver has taken artistic license to a whole new level, creating his own unique parking space that defies conventional boundaries.

2 (11).jpg?format=webp@CC-BY/Metaweb.com

As you can see, even people passing by couldn't hold back their shock and even decided to take a photo as a memento because you don't see such things often (fortunately). 

When Parking Goes Vertical

A huge rock in the road? Stairs? Super idea for brave drivers! Watch in amazement as cars attempt to defy gravity by parking on rocks, staircases, balconies, and even rooftops. 


Because why park on the ground like a mere mortal when you can park in the clouds?

Not Curbing Your Enthusiasm!

Who needs to worry about curbside appeal when you can just mount the sidewalk and park on the grass? This driver clearly missed the memo about respecting pedestrian walkways.

4 (7).jpg?format=webp@towerpower123/flickr.com

But he may get some quick karma back - so it's best not to do that if you want you and your car to be okay.

The Space Invader

Ever encountered a driver who thinks one parking space just isn't enough? Prepare to be amazed (and infuriated) by the audacity of those who think nothing of hogging multiple spots for themselves.


But in this situation, everything violated all laws of adequacy and the driver of the white car decided to damage someone else's car. We hope that the police arrived promptly.

The Parking Picasso

Move over, Banksy – there's a new artist in town, and they're painting the town red (and yellow, and blue) with their creative parking techniques. Who knew parking could be so avant-garde?

6-5.jpg?format=webp@Michael May/flickr.com

But parking upside down is certainly something new. Apparently in shock not only the woman who went out with a child on the street but all who saw this shocking parking technique!

The Driver Knows No Boundaries

Why park on the street when you can park in your own backyard? These drivers take DIY parking to a whole new level by turning their lawns into impromptu parking lots.

7-5.jpg?format=webp@Tim Ide/flickr.com

But stop it is not even a backyard but direct access to the house! Well, it's good that the driver at least did not drive into the house and damaged only the lawn. And how people do not feel sorry for the property?

When Decided to Hide the Car in the Bushes!

Well, perhaps this driver decided to play hide and seek with someone. He hid his car not perfectly but scratches from tree branches could well remain on it! 

8 (5).jpg?format=webp@Target Tyrak/flickr.com

The only excuse here could be one - if the driver was in a hurry to urgently get a scared kitten from a tree, so he left the car like that. Let's hope for the best!

When Any Height Isn't a Barrier!

From the outside, this car doesn't look super high but as you can see, the driver thought otherwise and parked very high up! Wasn't there a more convenient parking spot nearby? 

9 (3).jpg?format=webp@Julie Ramsden/flickr.com

But the thing is, some drivers just love to attract attention with such odd antics.

The Parallel Parking Paradox

Watch in disbelief as drivers attempt to navigate into parallel parking spots with all the finesse of a bull in a china shop. Spoiler alert: it doesn't end well.


As a minimum, they will become between the lines, and as a maximum, they will beat their own and other people's cars! Oh sometimes with such drivers just scary to get behind the wheel! 

Parallel Parking Nightmare

Witness the horror as cars attempt to squeeze into impossibly tight spaces, leaving a trail of scratched bumpers and frustrated drivers in their wake.

11 (2)-2.jpg?format=webp@Zoe/flickr.com

Perhaps the driver was able to squeeze in without scratching the neighboring cars (but not a fact) but to leave this parking “place” is unlikely to be safe.

Even Bike Riders Can Surprise You!

Well, as you can see, it's not just car drivers who stand out from the crowd. We've never seen such a 'parking' on a fence before! How do people come up with such ideas? 

12-6.jpg?format=webp@Tim Dennell/flickr.com

The main thing is that this bike doesn't fall down; otherwise, the parking will end with the purchase of a new means of transportation!


It's immediately hard to understand what this iron structure is and what the car is standing on—whether it's an old garage or something else. The main question is why the car is on top... It's hard to guess. 

13 (5).jpg?format=webp@Steven Feather/flickr.com 

Perhaps the driver decided to take part in a contest for the most absurd parking? Who knows, who knows!

Empty Parking Lot Didn't Stop Him!

Sometimes people occupy multiple parking spots in a crowded parking lot to save space for their friends' or acquaintances' cars. 

14 (3).jpg?format=webp@Eduardo Meneses/flickr.com

However, in this case, the parking lot was completely empty, yet there was still a driver who stood out for his originality.

Total Damage!

Now that's some 'cool' parking! The driver managed to damage both the car and part of the house in one go! We've seen cases before where drivers hit everything around them but to do something like this... 


Perhaps the driver's ex-girlfriend lives in this house, and he decided to get back at her for the breakup in this way? Anything is possible! When you see something like this, it makes you want to play detective!

A Little Swim!

This driver killed two birds with one stone - parked creatively and washed the car! However, there's a risk that it may never drive again... but let's focus on the positive! 


But on a serious note, it's better to park very carefully near cliffs and bodies of water to avoid getting into a similar situation!

King of the Hill!

Many drivers know firsthand how challenging it is to park in winter - ice, snow, slippery roads! But even this didn't stop this driver from parking on a huge chunk of snow! Now, that's bold! 

17 (3)-2.jpg?format=webp@Jonas Eriksson Slove/flickr.com

The only question remains - why?! And it's also interesting how they'll get out of there - stay tuned for the next episode! 

Squeezed Between Two Cars

It's a situation many of us dread - being boxed in by careless parkers. But what if the culprit is right there in front of you? 

18 (1).jpg?format=webp@Rob Lee/flickr.com 

Imagine trying to leave the parking lot, only to find someone has wedged their car so tightly between two others that no one can budge an inch. Now that's what we call a tight spot! 

Straddling the Line

Parking lines are there for a reason, right? Well, not everyone seems to think so. Take the case of the driver who decided to park right on top of the dividing line between two spots. 

19 (1).jpg?format=webp@[abrahán]/flickr.com

The result? A car with a bold new accessory - a bright blue parking line running right through its middle. Talk about breaking boundaries!

Tree Hugger

They say trees are nature's guardians but this driver took the concept a bit too literally. After a misguided attempt at parallel parking, they ended up embracing a tree trunk with the front bumper of their car. 

20 (1).jpg?format=webp@[abrahán]/flickr.com

The tree might appreciate the company but we doubt the car owner was too thrilled about their arboreal encounter. 

Blocking the Path

Picture this: you're in a rush, trying to navigate your way through a busy parking lot, only to find your path obstructed by a car parked smack dab in the middle of the aisle. 

21 (1).jpg?format=webp@john young/flickr.com

Whoever left their car there clearly missed the memo on common courtesy. We think there were several caring people who explained to this driver that he was wrong!

Taking Out the Cone

We've all seen those bright orange cones marking off construction zones or parking spots. But apparently, the driver of this car considered the cone a completely unnecessary thing and boldly ran over it while parking. 

22 (1).jpg?format=webp@waltarrrrr/flickr.com

That looks brutal! But the most dangerous thing is that this seemingly harmless cone can scratch the car badly. 

Parking Catastrophe

Sometimes, drivers underestimate the height of curbs - and this next mishap is a perfect example. Picture a car parked with its front wheels down on the street but its back wheels suspended in mid-air, perched precariously on top of a high curb. 

23 (1).jpg?format=webp@carnsoreboxer/flickr.com

It's like a seesaw but with a car instead of a plank. Let's just hope the driver packed a parachute for their eventual descent.

Selfish parking

Reserved parking spots are meant for those who need them most but one driver had other ideas. By parking their car across two handicapped spaces simultaneously, they effectively blocked access for those who rely on these designated spots. 

24 (1).jpg?format=webp@The Blue Half/flickr.com

It's a prime example of selfish parking behavior that leaves everyone else seeing red flags - and rightly so. 

Hedge Hog

Maneuvering into a parking space might seem simple enough but one driver managed to turn it into a botanical disaster. 

25 (2)-3.jpg?format=webp@BCOL/flickr.com

By misjudging their approach, they ended up plowing straight into a beautifully trimmed hedge, leaving behind a trail of destruction and a rather disgruntled gardener.

Into the Ditch

Sometimes, the line between road and roadside isn't as clear as it seems. Case in point: a driver who veered a bit too far off course and found themselves lodged in a ditch. 

26 (1).jpg?format=webp@Michael MC33/flickr.com

It's like a real-life game of fast and furious, only without the fun and excitement. Let's just hope they packed a picnic basket while they waited for roadside assistance. 

Column Attacks

Parking near a street pole or lamp might seem like a good idea - until that structure decides to fight back. For one unfortunate driver, their decision to park beneath a heavy street lamp ended in disaster when it came crashing down onto their car. 

27 (1).jpg?format=webp@Stan F/flickr.com

Talk about a case of wrong place, wrong time - and a hefty repair bill to boot. The driver had a really bad day!

Snowy Day

The laws of karma often work instantaneously! One driver found out the hard way when they parked beneath a staircase frequented by pedestrians - and promptly found their car buried under a mountain of snow. 

28 (1).jpg?format=webp@Barry R Dyke/flickr.com

It's a reminder that Mother Nature always has the last laugh, especially when it comes to parking.

Yanked into a Hole

By driving into a pothole, they managed to achieve the impossible: a car with its bottom half submerged below ground level while its top half sticks out like a sore thumb. 

29 (3).jpg?format=webp@Mark/flickr.com

It's a parking fail of epic proportions, leaving bystanders scratching their heads - and the driver reaching for the nearest tow truck.

Bumper Bungle

Trees aren't the only victims of careless parking - sometimes, it's the bumper that bears the brunt of the damage. 

30 (1).jpg?format=webp@MAKSTER KIRIGIN/flickr.com

For one driver, a slight miscalculation resulted in their bumper becoming intimately acquainted with a nearby tree trunk. And finally - a parked car with a reminder of its arboreal encounter.

Timber Trouble

Parking near a pile of fallen trees might sound like a good idea - after all, what's the harm? Well, as one driver found out, the harm comes in the form of branches, twigs, and other debris strewn across their car. 

31 (2)-3.jpg?format=webp@MAKSTER KIRIGIN/flickr.com

It's a lesson in parking prudence: always choose your spot wisely, especially when nature's involved.

So Risky!

Driving a convertible has its perks but parking directly beneath a pipe isn't one of them. With the potential for leaks looming overhead, one driver took a gamble and parked their convertible right under a pipe. 

32 (1).jpg?format=webp@shamwari/flickr.com

It's a risky move that could leave them driving in the water - inside their own car! 

Crosswalk Problem

Pedestrian crossings are meant for walking, not parking - but one driver missed the memo. By leaving their car parked smack dab in the middle of a crosswalk, they effectively blocked the path for pedestrians trying to safely navigate the street. 

33 (1).jpg?format=webp@Jeremy/flickr.com

It's a selfish case of parking gone wrong, with frustrated walkers left to find another route.

Waterlogged Wheels

Parking in a puddle might not seem like a big deal - until you realize just how deep that puddle goes. For one unfortunate driver, what seemed like a harmless spot turned into a soggy surprise when their car ended up submerged in water. 

34 (1).jpg?format=webp@Deb V/flickr.com

It's a cautionary tale for anyone tempted to park in low-lying areas during heavy rains. 

Storefront Smash

In a moment of pure parking misjudgment, one driver managed to turn a simple parking attempt into a full-blown crash scene. They miscalculated their speed and distance, resulting in their car smashing right through a storefront window. 

35 (1)-2.jpg?format=webp@Scott Hughes/flickr.com

It’s a costly mistake that left everyone wondering if they were in a hurry for dangerous parking.


Trees and cars don't mix well, especially during a parking attempt gone awry. One driver found this out the hard way when they misjudged their turn and ended up colliding with a tree. 

36 (1)-2.jpg?format=webp@Donald Pick/flickr.com 

The conclusion? A heavily dented car and a tree that’s seen no better days. Unfortunately, everyone has bad days.

Tram Trouble

In an attempt to park in a seemingly convenient spot, one driver tried to squeeze their car between two massive trams. 

37-2.jpeg?format=webp@Dear Bus Driver/flickr.com

The gamble did not pay off, and the car was left battered on all sides. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most obvious parking spots aren’t always the best choices.

Accident Aftermath

Sometimes, even when you think you’ve parked safely on the roadside, fate has other plans. One driver parked their car only to find out later that a nearby accident ended up causing significant damage to their vehicle. 

38 (3).jpg?format=webp@Catofstee/flickr.com

It’s an unfortunate example that parking on the side of a busy road always comes with risks.

Bus Blocker

After finding what seemed like a perfect spot to relax, one driver parked their car and decided to take a break – right in the path of an oncoming bus. 

39 (1)-2.jpg?format=webp@John King/flickr.com

Oblivious to the traffic jam they were causing, the driver’s leisurely stop resulted in a honking horn symphony.

Sidewalk Shenanigans

One driver took the term “blocking traffic” to a new level by parking their car entirely on the sidewalk, leaving pedestrians no choice but to walk around or into the street. 

40 (1)-2.jpg?format=webp@Paul Anderson/flickr.com

It’s a move that definitely didn’t win them any fans among the walking public and probably earned a hefty fine. Next time, maybe stick to the designated parking spaces.

Bush Bound

Another driver seemed to think their car needed some greenery and decided to park it right in the middle of a bush. 

41 (1).jpg?format=webp@Karsten Andersen/flickr.com

It’s unclear what the thought process was here but the end result was a car enveloped in foliage and some very confused onlookers.

Motorcycle Madness

Parking a motorcycle can be tricky but taking up an entire car parking space with one isn’t the most considerate move. 

42 (1)-2.jpg?format=webp@John Oram/flickr.com

When one motorcyclist parked next to another, it created an awkward and inefficient use of space that left car drivers shocked.

House Hit

In a dramatic and unfortunate twist, one driver’s parking attempt ended with their car crashing straight into a house. 

43 (1)-2.jpg?format=webp@Malcolm A Jones/flickr.com

It’s a stark reminder that sometimes, even the simplest of maneuvers can go spectacularly wrong. So it’s important to be extremely careful.

Giant's Problem

Big cars require big spaces, and one driver found this out the hard way. Their oversized SUV didn’t fit in the designated spot, resulting in the vehicle’s wheels perched precariously on a flower bed. 

44 (1).jpg?format=webp@PålLøberg/flickr.com

It’s a sight that’s equal parts amusing and tragic for the poor plants. We think the local gardener will be upset, to say the least.

Double Trouble

In a true show of parking incompetence, one driver managed to roll over not one but two parked cars. 

45 (7)-2.jpg?format=webp@Nicholas Tynan/flickr.com

Whether it was a brake failure or a severe lapse in judgment, this incident left three cars in need of some serious repairs.

Rocky Road

Parking in a danger zone is never advisable, especially when there’s a risk of falling debris. One overly optimistic driver parked their car under a house known for loose rocks, covering it with just a piece of cloth. 

46 (1).jpg?format=webp@Julian Cautherley/flickr.com

It’s a feeble attempt at protection that’s unlikely to do much good against a falling boulder next time.

Strange decision

Despite a plethora of available parking spots, one driver decided their car needed a touch of nature and drove the front half onto the ground. 

47 (1)-2.jpg?format=webp@NBWaller/flickr.com

Perhaps they were aiming for an unusual spot or just felt their car deserved a break from the asphalt.   

Sinking Feeling

One unfortunate driver discovered that parking on seemingly solid ground can sometimes lead to unexpected consequences. 

48-2.jpeg?format=webp@Alejandro Alfonso Regueiro/flickr.com

After parking their car, they returned to find the front wheel had caused the asphalt to cave in, leaving the car stuck in a newly formed pothole. It’s a parking fail that’s both dramatic and costly.

Unpredictable driver

Some people just can’t resist the urge to park on anything that resembles a parking spot, even if it’s a divider for plants. One driver decided this thin strip of greenery was the perfect place for their car, ignoring the clear purpose of the divider. 

49 (1).jpg?format=webp@Stan/flickr.com

And finally, we can see a car awkwardly perched on top of the grass. It's so strange!

Perpendicular Perplexity

Parallel parking can be tricky but this driver took it to a whole new level by parking perpendicularly across the curb, effectively blocking half the road. 

50 (1)-2.jpg?format=webp@andrew kerfoot/flickr.com

While it’s definitely a creative approach, it’s also a surefire way to make yourself misunderstood by other drivers. Next time, let’s aim for a bit more alignment with the curb.